Arrow Pharmacy

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    This business appears in the 1929 Chandler City Directory as being at 1 W. Boston. J. Homer Shrewsbury was the owner. It sold "Drug Sundries, Kodaks, Victrolas, Cigars, Candies, Fountain in Connection." Tel 37

    (See also Weber's Arrow Pharmacy.)

    The 1931 and 1932 Chandler City Directories gave the same address, phone number and owner. Arrow Pharmacy also appears in the 1932 Phoenix Telephone Directory, Chandler section, with the phone number 37. An ad says "Our Aim Is to Serve You,""R C A Victor Radios, Phonographs and Records" and that it offers "Kodaks, Films and finishing." "Follow the arrow---you can't go wrong."

    It also appears in the 1940 Chandler Resident Directory as being on west Boston, beyond Arizona. Phone number was 37. Owners were J. H. Shrewsbury and E. B. Lambson.


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