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    This bank appears in the 1920 Chandler City Directory  as being on Boston, opposite San Marcos Place. John H. Dobson was president; John Anderson, vice president and P. M. James, cashier.

    The 1921 directory gave the same information but said W. N. Johnson was cashier. 

    An Ad in the 1921 directory said "This bank shall be known for its service, accommodation, promptness and courtesy; together with a close application of conservative banking rules."

    Officers and directors listed in the ad were John Dobson, president; John Andersen, vice president; W. N. Johnson, cashier and A.T. Morgareidge, Andreas Jepsen, H. C. Gardner,  John S. Allen and R. B. Musser.

    The 1923 directory lists the bank as agent for a number of insurance companies, including Aetna Casualty & Surety Co., Aetna Life Insurance Co., Automobile Insurance Co., the Scottish Union & National Insurance Co., Citizens Insurance Co.Home Insurance Co. Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.Maryland Casualty of Baltimore, New Jersey Insurance Co.Norwich Union Insurance Co.,  Royal Insurance Co. , St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co., Scottish Union & National Insurance Co. and Springfield Fire & Marine Ins. Co.

    The bank was on San Marcos Place.

    The 1923 directory said the bank was on Boston, opposite San Marcos Place. John H. Dobson was president; John Andersen, vice president, and W. N. Johnson, cashier.

    The 1925 directory listed J. H. Dobson as president; John Andersen as vice president and N. H. Roche as cashier.

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