Pay 'N Takit Store No. 6

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    This grocery store appears in the 1923 Chandler City Directory as being on Arizona Avenue. Ira Montgomery was the manager.

    The 1925 and 1926 directories said Ralph McCampbell was the manager. The business was on San Marcos Place.

    The 1929 directory called it Safe-Way Pay 'N Takit Store. Before, it was just Pay 'N Takit. Clarence Fisher was the manager. It was at 10 San Marcos Place and sold groceries.

    The 1930 directory went back to calling it just Pay'n Takit Stores. W. J. Harris was the manager.

    The 1931 directory also said W. J. Harris was manager and gave the address as 10 S. San Marcos Place. The 1932 directory lists J. I Kelly as manager.

    It also appears in the 1932 Phoenix Telephone Directory, Chandler section, as being a grocery store with the phone number 8.


    Pay' N Takit Stores was a chain started in 1919 by descendants of Samuel Skaggs. The chain in 1928 became part of Safeway. (Wikipedia)


    • 1919 The brothers form a partnership called Skaggs United Stores. In Ogden, Utah L.J. meets and marries Mary Dee, daughter of aMormon convert from the Netherlands.[10] They work together to open a chain of Pay’n Takit Stores. These would eventually (1928) become part of Safeway.
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