Baldwin, Clarence A.

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    He appears in the 191919201921 and 1923 Chandler City Directories as a cashier at the Bank of Chandler. His wife was Emma H.

    The 1920 directory shows them having a house on Arizona Avenue,  southwest corner of Cleveland. (1923)

    The 1921 and 1923 directories also said he was also president of The Bank of Gilbert. 

    They  also appear in the 1925 and 1926 directories as living on north Arizona Ave.

    The 1929 directory lists him as superintendent of the Chandler Improvement Co., living with Emma at 100 N. Arizona Ave. The 19301931 and 1932 directories had the same information but said they lived at 115 N. Arizona Ave.

    The 1932 Phoenix Telephone Directory, Chandler section, said the phone number for C A Baldwin was 41.

    In the 1940 Chandler Resident Directory, he is listed as an owner of C A Baldwin Ins. Co.  He and Emma lived on the west side of north Arizona Ave, beyond Buffalo. Their phone number was 41.

    On July 26, 1935, Clarence Baldwin was kidnapped at gunpoint from the currency exchange of the Southside Investment Company where he was the manager.  Shortly after noon on that day, two armed robbers entered the exchange and demanded that Baldwin turn over all the money.  The only money available was $354 in silver coins, which the robbers scooped into sacks.  When they left they took Baldwin with them.  The robbers were joined by a getaway driver, who took them several miles west of Chandler, where they abandoned the car with Baldwin inside.  Baldwin was able to find his way to the Kessler Store, where he called the authorities.  Two suspects were captured on July 28 in the post office in Tucson.  A third suspect was arrested on suspicion of being the getaway driver.  Jack Collins, who was the only person actually charged in the crime, went to trial on August 8, 1935.  Despite the fact that Baldwin and another witness, 16 year old Forrest Brooks, had identified Collins after his arrest, neither was able to positively identify him on the witness stand, and Collins was released.  Neither of the other two suspects were ever charged.


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