Basha, Azez N. (A.N.)

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    He appears in the 1931 and 1932 Chandler City Directories as working in dry goods at 100 E. Boston. He lived at 241 N. Washington, with Nejeeb and Nejeba (Nejeeby) Basha.

    The 1932 directory also showed that Edward N. Basha and  Louise Basha also lived there.

    In the 1940 Chandler Resident Directory, A. N. Basha appears as the manager of Bashas Grocery Store. He lived on the west side of north Washington, beyond Detroit. His phone number was 124.

    Others appearing in 1940 with the same phone number were: Camille Basha, Constance Basha, Eddy Basha, Ike Basha, Laurice Basha, Najeeba Basha and Zelma Basha.

    A.N. Basha also appears as a World War II veteran.


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