Belus, Andrew

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    Andrew Belus


    5th Year
    Short List

    Sport School/ Affiliation Accomplishments
    Cross Country Seton Catholic High

    Fresman- varsity cross country team member (2004)

    Shop- varsity cross country team member (2005)
    Soph- captian of cross country team (2005)

    Junior- varsity cross country team member (2006)
    Junior- captian of cross country team (2006)

    Senior- varsity cross country team member (2007)
    Senor- captian of cross country team (2007)

    Seton Catholic record: 5k

    Seton Catholic record: 2 mile

    Four years track and field

    Junior- captain of track and field team (2006)

    Senior- captain of track and field team (2007)

    Cross Country Northern Arizona University

    Soph-  Big Sky All-Academic Team (2009)
    Soph- NCAA National Cross Country Meet - finished 149th (2009) 

    Junior- Big Sky All-Academic Team (2010)
    Junior-  NCAA National Cross Country Meet - finished 141st (2010)

    Senior-  NCAA National Cross Country Meet - finished 181st (2011)

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