Blackshere, Frank E.

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    SPOUSES: Ella Blackshere



    -Foreman Blackshere of the Chandler Ranch was in charge of the move of the Arizonan building.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/4/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere has been in charge of the grading of the new state highway.  He says the grading is finished, but is waiting on the state to build the bridges and culverts for the Eastern and Consolidated Canals.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/18/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere says 1,400 acres of hay will be harvested starting on Monday.  A large force of men will be put to the purpose.  Over 1,500 tons is expected to be cut.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/18/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere has been busy at the Chandler Ranch with overseeing the cutting of hay for the last ten days.  About 140 acres have been cut with a netting of 110 tons, which are being stacked.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/2/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere announced on Tuesday that 600 acres of alfalfa cutting has been finished.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/9/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere gave $5 for the 4th of July celebration.  (Chandler Arizonan 6/20/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere is loathing the loss of his cook at the eating house on the Chandler Ranch.  (Chandler Arizonan 8/8/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere left early in the week for a short vacation on the coast.  He will join Mrs. Blackshere on one of the beaches, and will return in about 10 days.  (Chandler Arizonan 8/8/1913)

    -Mr. Blackshere returned Wednesday from the coast.  He stayed with the Cook Bros. in Santa Ana.  He visited Ventura and Orange Counties and became enthused over the idea of growing black-eye beans in Chandler.  He says they are only growing a half crop due to lack of water.  (Chandler Arizonan 8/15/1913)


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