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    Summary:  Dante Buscaglia played soccer and football at Chandler High in the late '90s.  By the time he graduated he held Chandler High records for field goals in a game, a season, and career; PAT in a game, a season, and career; and points by a kicker in a game, a season, and career.  He attended NAIA school Lindenwood University in Missouri on a football scholarship.  He earned a starting job as a freshman, and earned 1st Team All Heart of America Conference honors as a sophomore, junior, and senior.  He was also named NAIA Honorable Mention as a junior and senior.  He returned to Chandler and volunteered his time helping to coach the Chandler High football special teams for several years.


    Dante Buscaglia




    Spent 5 years
    on Short List

    Sport School/Affiliation Accomplishments


    Chandler High School All State football
    All State soccer
    Football Lindenwood University

    Soph- named First team All Heart of America conference

    Junior-1st team All Heart of America Conference; 
    Junior--NAIA All-American honorable mention

    Senior- Team captain, first Lindenwood Bowl game
    Senior-1st team All Heart of America conference
    Senior: Honorable mention  All NAIA

    Lindenwood Record: 2nd most XP in a game (10), 1999
     Lindenwood Record: 2nd most XPA in a game (10), 1999
    Lindenwood Record: 2nd most FG in a season (12), 1999
    Lindenwood Record: 2nd most FGA season (20), 1999
    Lindenwood Record: 4th most FG in a season (9), 1998
    Lindenwood Record: 4nd most FGA season (11), 1998

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