Ferry, Dexter Mason

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    BORN: August 3, 1833, Lowville, NYD. M. Ferry.jpg
    DIED: November 10, 1907

    SPOUSE: Addie E. Miller

    CHILDREN:     Dexter M. Ferry Jr.
                          Blanche Ferry Hooker
                          Queene Ferry Coonley

    Dexter Mason Ferry was born on August 8, 1833 in Lowville, NY. His parents were Joseph N. Ferry and Lucy Mason. In 1852, Dexter Mason Ferry left New York and came to Detriot to earn money for college. He was hired to keep the books for a seed company. By 1856, Milo T. Gardner, Dexter M. Ferry, and Eber F. Church

    New York Times obituary from November 12, 1907.




    -Mr. Ferry was on the original board of the Chandler Improvement Company, and was a member until he died.  His son, D.M. Ferry, Jr. would take his place on the board until this week when the whole board retired.  (Chandler Arizonan 7/18/1913)


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