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    Patrick played tennis at Chandler High School, competing in the state tournament in doubles in his sophomore and senior seasons.  Because of his academic record, he was lightly recruited, and wound up at Ferris State.  At Ferris, he excelled in singles competition, finishing each season ranked in the Division II Top 25.  After two years competing professionally, Patrick got into coaching.  He spent two years as an assistant at Western Michigan before getting the head coaching gig at Colgate University, 2004-06.  In 2007 he went to Brigham Young University as an assistant for three seasons.  In 2010 he again became a head coach, this time at Northern Illinois University (NIU).  In 2012, NIU won the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) regular season title before losing in the semi-finals of the conference tournament.  In 2013, NIU lost in the championship of the MAC tournament. In 2014 Patrick was named MAC Coach of the year, the first coach in NIU history to acheive this honor. His overall record at NIU (since 2009) is W 78- L 58. He has turned around the program from a 10-13 season record in 2009-10 to a 18-6 season record in 2013-14. Two of his players were First Team All-MAC, a third player was selected to 2nd Team All-MAC.

    2009-2010: W-10 L-13
    2010-2011: W-11 L-16
    2011-2012: W-21 L-7 Conference Champions
    2012-2013: W-18 L-8 1-point away from NCAA Invite
    2013-1014: W-18 L-6 Conference Champions
    2013-14 information:

    2013-2014 Mid-American Regular Season Champions---Record 18-6 ; 4-1 in Conference. Lost in semi-final tournament match to eventual champion Buffalo.

    Northern Illinois University has won 2 out of the last 3 Regular Season M.A.C, Championships.
    Patrick Fisher was named M.A.C. Coach of the Year.  First coach in NIU history to be named MAC Coach of the Year ; just the second to win a coaching award during the program's history.
    Two of his players were First Team All-M.A.C., a third one was selected to 2nd team All-M.A.C.
    Fishers's overall record since coming to Northern Illinois University is 2009 is W-78 L- 50---a 60% winning percentage. However, he is W-57 L-21 the last 3 years--a 73% winning percentage. He has completely turned around the program since his arrival in 2009.
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