Friedberg (Friedbery), Joseph

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    He is listed in the 1916 and 1917 Chandler City Directories  as working in  dry goods. The 1917 directory also

    lists him as having a wife, Julia M.C., also spelled Julie.  The 1918 and 1919 directories describe him as working at The Leader dry goods store.

    Friedberg started The Leader in a room at the San Marcos Hotel and in 1918 moved it to the Friedberg Building at 67 W, Boston St. The business operated there until the 1930s. 

    JC Penney operated in the building until the 1950s and David Saba opened his clothing store there in 1972.

    Friedberg Building:

    According to the 1920 and 1921 directories, he and Julia M. lived on Dakota Street and it shows him as the owner of The Leader.

    The 1923 directory said he owned The Leader and that he and Julia M. C. lived at the Suhuaro Hotel.

    In the 1926 directory, he is listed as being in the clothing business on Arizona near Boston and that he and Julia lived at the Plaza Hotel. The 1929 directory gave the same information and said his clothing business was at 2 S. Arizona.

    The 1930 directory spelled the name Friedbery and said he was in the clothing business at 102 S. Arizona and that he and Julia lived at 2 W. Boston.

    The 1931 and 1932 directories  said Joseph Friedberg worked in men's furnishings at 102 S. Arizona and that he and Julia lived at the Plaza Hotel.The 1932 Phoenix Telephone Directory, Chandler section, said Joseph Friedberg furnishings had the phone number 129. (residential or business?)


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