Howell, Al

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    Al Howell grew up in Colorado. After stints in Colorado and Wyoming, Al came to Chandler High School in 1959. Like many others of his time, Al coached three sports: Football, Basketball and Track. He was the head basketball coach for three seasons, including a league championship season in 1962. While coaching track, Al developed some of the best pole vaulters in the state, and arguably in the nation. His teams were state champions in 1972 and runner-ups in 1973. He was a nationally recognized and published pole vault coach. Starting in 1965 Al also served as Chandler High School Athletic Director. It was under his direction that girls athletics developed. Teams were added for volleyball, badminton, basketball, softball, swimming, archery and gymnastics. In later years he was appointed the district athletic director, a position that he held from 1976 till he retired in 1989. During that time among many honors he earned, he was inducted into the Arizona Track Coaches Hall of Fame and served on the National Federation Track and Field Rules Committee.  Coach Howell passed away in 2010.


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