Kaidel, Paul

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    -Mr. Kaidel was killed Monday afternoon when his horses bolted and he couldn't keep his seat.  He landed head first and received a gash on his head.  When friends arrived, he was already dead.

    He was only 27 years old and from Norman, Nebraska.  He had no wife, but supported his mother with his work as a ranch hand for Harry Chandler and James Kortsen.  He was at the Kortsen ranch when he died.

    His mother and he lived in Tempe.  His father, mother, and two sisters moved out here, but his father died a few months ago.

    An inquest was held, and they ruled it an accident.

    His body will be shipped back to Nebraska, and the rest of the family will move back there.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/16/1913)

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