Karkula, John Jacob

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    BIRTH c. 1886
    SPOUSE Bessie Trevino Karkula
    CHILDREN Melba Karkula, Helen Karkula, Richard Karkula, Ernest Karkula, Harold Karkula, Martin Karkula, Eva Karkula, Ana Karkula, Gracie Karkula, Delie Karkula
    PARENTS Jacob Karkowski, Rosemary or Rose Marie Karkowski

    John Jacob Karkula was born in Blain, Ohio, in about 1886.  He was the son of two Polish immigrants.  At the age of 14 he joined the Coast Guard, and after six years joined the Army.  He served in World War I, and was a part of General Pershing's army hunting for Pancho Villa in Texas.  He married Bessie Trevino in about 1914 in Weslaco, Texas.  They eventually had 10 children.  In 1924, in an effort to help his ailing health, John moved his family to Arizona, first arriving in a west Phoenix neighborhood known as Six Points before settling in Ocotillo south of Chandler.  John worked the cotton fields for the rest of his life.

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