Mannen, Mrs. Jack

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    -Last Saturday, Mrs. Mannen arrived from Washington state to join her husband, the new barber.  On the train from Mesa to Chandler, a local resident told her that her husband was in jail for bootlegging.  After getting off the train in Chandler, a young man gravely told her that her husband had eloped.  She wasn't rest assured until she arrived at the barbershop, and was told it was other people this happened to and not her husband.  (Chandler Arizonan 7/25/1913)

    -Mrs. Mannen has disappeared with her husband, and has apparently left Chandler.  The barbershop has been closed for several days, and Mr. Mannen has disposed of his soda water and other articles giving all signs of leaving.  (Chandler Arizonan 8/15/1913)

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