Miller, R. Monroe (R.M.)

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    -Mr. Miller has succeeded J.M. Halstead as electrician for the Chandler Improvement Company.

    He was in charge of the pumps for the Sacatan reservation, and was for five years with Contractor O'Rourke, who built the Roosevelt Dam.

    He is experienced at his trade.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/18/1913)

    The 1918 Chandler City Directory lists R.M. Miller as an oiler at South West Cotton Co.  (This may or may not be same man listed above.)

    In the 19191920 and 1921 directories, he is listed as a rancher, with Nell O. as his wife.

    The 1923 directory gave his address as R.D. 1, Box 44.


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