Rowland, Jeannette (Jennetty C.) (Mrs. John)

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    SPOUSES: John Rowland



    -Mrs. Rowland has been visitng the Valley with her husband for the last several weeks.  They've decided to buy in Chandler. 

    They will return to Oklahoma, and will be back here as soon as his cotton is harvested.  (Chandler Arizonan 8/22/1913)


    The 1919 Chandler City Directory lists Jeannette Rowland as the wife of John P. Rowland. No other Rowlands are listed.

    The 1921 directory said she and John P. lived on Boston Street and that Crede W. Rowland and Ernest T. Rowland worked for her husband.

    The 1923 directory also said they lived on Boston Street and that Crede lived with them. Ernest was married and living on south Oregon. The 1925 directory said she and John lived in east Boston.

    The 1926 directory said she was a widow of J. C. and lived on Boston. Crede W. Rowland lived with her.

    The 1929 directory said Jeanette C. Rowland and Crede Rowland lived at 54 W. Boston.

    The 1931 and 1932 directories said Jeanetty C. Rowland was a widow of J. P. and lived with Creed at 54 W. Boston.


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