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    Mayor Jay Tibshraeny began his unprecedented 5th term as Chandler’s Mayor in January 2011 after serving eight years in the Arizona State Senate from 2003-2011. He originally served as a member of the City Council from 1986 to 2002 as Councilmember, Vice Mayor and as Mayor.  He was first elected Chandler Mayor in 1994, and served in that capacity for four consecutive terms through 2002.

    TIBSHRAENY_00_300dpi.jpgA native of Chandler, he has a lifetime of public service in the East Valley. He serves on the following Professional & Civic Organizations:  Chandler/Gilbert Association for Retarded Citizens Advisory Board; Child Crisis Center Advisory Board; ICAN Site Advisory Committee; and Chandler Chamber of Commerce Ex-Officio Board member. His current regional assignments include Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Regional Council, Arizona League of Cities and Towns Executive Committee; and East Valley Partnership Ex-Officio Board member.

    Locally, some of his past professional & civic organizations include:  Chandler Historical Society; Chandler Museum Advisory Board (2007-2011), Board Chairman (2008-2011); Chairman of the Chandler Citizen's Oversight Committee, General Plan Update (2007 - 2008); Chairman of the Chandler Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Boards & Commissions Appointments (2005); Chandler Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board (1994 - 2002); and Chandler Volunteer Fireman Pension Board (1994 - 2002).

    During his tenure in the State Senate he served on a number of committees as a member of the National Conference of State Legislatures: Labor and Economic Development (2005-2006); Transportation (2007-2008); Redistricting and Elections (2009-2010); and Legislative Effectiveness. As a member of the America Legislative Exchange Council he served on: Civil Justice Task Force (2003-2004); and Tax and Fiscal Police Task Force (2005-2010).

    On the Regional and National level he has served on: Greater Phoenix Economic Council Board of Directors (2002);  Greater Phoenix Economic Council Executive Committee (2002); MAG Secretary/Treasurer (2000 - 2002);  MAG Executive Committee (1997 - 2002);  Arizona League of Cities and Towns Executive Committee (2000 - 2002);  National League of Cities Transportation Infrastructure & Services Policy Committee (1986 - 2002);  Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce Advisory Council (1999 - 2002);  Williams Air Force Base Redevelopment Partnership (1994 - 2002);  Regional Public Transportation Authority (Past Chairman) (1994 - 2002); and Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (Past Chairman) (1994 - 2002).

    Mayor Tibshraeny is a small businessman and a citrus grower. He completed 12 years in the Chandler Public School System and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Arizona State University. He and his wife Karen have one daughter, Lauren.

    To read a transcript of a 2004 oral history with Jay Tibshraeny, click HERE


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