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    -Mr. Watson is building a refrigerator for W.H. Sherwin and Company's Meat Market. 

    He is an expert woodworker.  (Chandler Arizonan 1/24/1913)

    -Mr. Watson is a carpenter living on the east side of the railroad track.  His young son upset a pot of boiling water on his left leg on Saturday night.  The leg from knee down is a solid blister.  Dr. K.M. Gilbert, who worked the case, says it will be many weeks before the boy can use the leg.  The skin is entirely removed and it still is impossible to determine how deep the burn has gone.  (Chandler Arizonan 3/7/1913)

    -Mr. Watson is the contractor in charge of building the Bank of Chandler.  (Chandler Arizonan 7/4/1913)

    -Mr. Watson has bought the house of Contractor Snell, which was on the school grounds.  He has moved the building to his lot just west of the school where he will reside.  (Chandler Arizonan 7/11/1913)

    -The horse attached to the Freeman Express wagon bolted while the driver, Mr. Watson, was in a store last Saturday.  Mr. Watson's son was in the seat of the wagon when the horse bolted and was thrown off when the horse rounded a corner.  He escaped unhurt.

    Mr. Elibee tried to stop the horse by the barbershop, but was nearly run down and barely escaped being seriously injured.

    Outside of breaking a single tree, the horse was unhurt.  (Chandler Arizonan 8/1/1913)

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