Tumbleweed Ranch

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    Tumbleweed Ranch is a collection of historic homes, buildings, and farm equipment located at Tumbleweed Park, 2250 S. McQueen Rd. Enter the Ranch from Pioneer Parkway in Tumbleweed Park.

    Learn about Chandler’s agricultural past, discover how early farming families lived, and see how they operated their farms in a desert environment. Tumbleweed Ranch is developing four main areas of interpretation: home life, livestock industries, crop farming, and early settler experiences.

    The McCroskey House
    This farm bungalow represents one of the many homes built by early farmers in Chandler. The bungalow was a very popular home style, since it was cheap to build, simple in design, and practical. The Edwards family built this home in 1917. Many families built a home similar to the McCroskey House, often ordered through catalogs like Sears, Montgomery Wards, Aladdin or other companies. At the present time, the McCroskey House is open for tours during special events. If you are interested in a tour, call the Chandler Museum at 480.782.2874.


    Teachers, set up a field trip at Tumbleweed Ranch for your students. Call 480.782.2874 to schedule.


    The Master Plan for Tumbleweed Ranch was developed in 2000.

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