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    The Chandler Museum offers a wealth of educational resources for students, parents, and educators to use from home!

    Chandler Museum "Use Local, Teach National" Lesson Plan Series:

    Dorothea Lange and Dust Bowl Migrants in Chandler
    Olive Goodykoontz and World War II: Perspectives on War
    The Prohibition Movement: Arizona Votes
    Architecture 101 with Frank Lloyd Wright
    Post-war Germany
    Zora Folley
    Japanese Americans at the Gila River Internment Camp
    Forms of Communication: Postcards from the San Marcos Hotel
    Cotton in Chandler, World War I
    Persuasive Writing

    Other Social Studies Lesson Plans:

    Family History Journal
    Streets of Chandler
    Navajo Code Talkers
    Centennial Lesson Plans

    Experience the popular Tumbleweed Ranch Field Trip from home:

    Tumbleweed Ranch Field Trip Description
    Red Shed Theater Station
    Cotton Station
    Morrison Grocery Station
    McCroskey House Station

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    Social Studies Resources:

    Social Studies Mythbusters
    Online Social Studies Resources

    Learn about important events, people, and places from Chandler's past

    Read the Chandler Arizonan newspaper

    Discover your new favorite dish with historic Chandler recipes:

    Favorite Recipes of the Basha Family
    Home Cooking Secrets of Chandler
    Pauline Openshaw's Recipe Scrapbook
    Chandler Historical Society's Recipes to Remember
    Southside Neighborhood: 100 Years of Stories and Recipes

    Listen, watch, or read transcripts of Chandler oral histories. 

    Explore primary documents from Chandler's history:

    Town and city directories

    Learn about Chandler's unique holiday tradition, the Tumbleweed Tree:

    Historic photographs of the Tumbleweed Tree
    Earle Barnum's Tumbleweed Tree Scrapbook

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