Cakes, Icings, and Cookies

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        Cakes and Icings Cookies
        Easy Apple Cake Anise-Seed Cookies
        Applesauce Cake-Jebby's Applesauce Cookies
        Applesauce Cake Carmel Nut Slices
        Banana Cake Chocolate Squares
        Fiesta Banana Cake Frosting for Chocolate Squares
        Carrot King Cake Danish-Almond Cookies
        Buttermilk Frosting Date Cookies and Mixture
        Cheese Cake Date Danties
        Marshmallow Cheese Cake Ginger Cookies
        Cherry Cake Haystack Cookies
        Cherry Cake Icing Italian Cookies-No.1
        Chocolate Cake Italian Cookies-No.2
        Milk-Chocolate Icing Joe Froggers
        Chocolate Icing Lebanese Butter-Almond Cookies
        Fresh Coconut Cake Lebanese Kiki Cookies and Filling
        Devil's Food Cake No-Bake Cookies
        Rich Dark Fruit Cake Oatmeal Cookies
        Fudge Cupcakes Pecan Cookie Balls
        Gingerbread Cake Pumpkin Nut Cookies
        Grandma's Spice Cake Raisin Drop Cookies
        Frosting for Grandma's Cake Sesame Cookies
        German Chocolate Cake Sugar-Kaek
        Coconut-Pecan Frosting  
        Ice Box Cake-(Filling)  
        Easy Lemon Cake Dessert  
        Miniature Fruit Cakes  
        Fresh Orange Cake  
        Orange Icing  
        Pineapple-Upside Down Cake  
        The New Version (The Generation Gap)  
        Plain Cake  
        Potato Cake  
        Pound Cake  
        Prism Cake  
        Prune Cake  
        Raisin Spice Cake  
        Easy Walnut Cake  
        White Fruit Cake  
        Quick and Easy Wine Cake  
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