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    Our primary thanks goes to the families of Southside who shared many memories and recipes with us. The stories you told offer a testimony to the deep and diverse history we have in Chandler, and the pride we have in our community. We couldn’t have done this project without the guidance and participation of our Advisory Committee, composed mainly of former residents of the neighborhood. They helped us tell the story, publicize the project, gather up family stories, and even walked the neighborhood to encourage all residents to participate. We also appreciate the work of the project staff team, and Nate Meyers, Chandler Museum Curator of Collections, and Earnest Robinson, Chandler Unified School District, who provided us with research materials and photos; and Gordon Benson, who transcribed the oral history interviews.

    Special thanks, of course, goes to the Arizona Humanities Council (AHC) as a major financial partner, as well as the Chandler Historical Society and the Community Documentation Program. Without the support of these organizations this special Chandler Centennial book would not exist. We also thank the Human Relations Commission who supported us in this effort and helped us secure the AHC grant to get the project off the ground.

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