Chapter 2: 1940-1979

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               Ken & Regina Andrews’ Southern-Style Potato Salad|
               Vinegar Pie
    Barnes Family
                Old-Fashioned Tea Cakes
    Black Family
                Aunt Willie Mae’s 7-Up Cake
    Folley Family
                Broccoli Salad 
                Five-Flavored Pound Cake
                Seafood Okra Gumbo 
    Gonzalez Family
                Cocido de Rez
    Jackson Family
    Kemp-Woods Family
                Okra Gumbo 
                Mama Glena Pancakes 
                Hot Cakes
    Lara-Overholser Family
                Salsa Mas Que Quick
    Morales Family
                Sophia’s Carne Adovada
    Nickell Family
                Mom’s Meatloaf 
                Osgood Pie 
                True Hungarian Goulash
    Payne Family
                Wagon Wheel Chili Casserole
    Rojas Family
    Vidal Family
                Papas Con Chorizo
                Potato Cheese Soup
    Waterfield Family
                Cowboy Cookies 
                Date Pudding
    Woods Family
                Happy Day Cake

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