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    Over the past hundred years, those who came to Chandler have been building a neighborhood, a community, a city.  All who have come, no matter how brief the stay, have contributed.  This cookbook is a tribute to their accomplishment.  It is important to note no matter what their ethnic bearing all have participated.

    The dream of the founder of Chandler, Dr. A. J. Chandler, became reality as vibrant people, by whatever means, came and melted into the mix.  Some walking, some on horseback, stagecoach, railroad and automobile.  Some came by chance, others by choice.  Opportunities did abound.

    Dr. Chandler’s dream of an oasis in an arid land took shape from the first stake driven into the ground.  People bought the idea and streetscapes appeared, houses were built, commercial entities became visible.

    Dr. Chandler found himself in the land development business.  He did not have second thoughts on this new venture.  He met it head on.  What a jewel we have today because of this man’s perseverance.  Chandler continues to evolve into the city envisioned by the pioneering spirit of Dr. A. J. Chandler.

    This cookbook contains a collection of food recipes that were developed by residents throughout Chandler’s history.  It will acquaint contemporary Chandler citizens, and others, with meals prepared by their predecessors.

    Citizens of Chandler have had a varied history of development.  There are those who are living today who can attest to the fact that Chandler is unique.  One of the ways we can verify the uniqueness is through the foods that were consumed.

    We collected information for this book by visiting families of one of Chandler’s oldest neighborhoods.  In so doing we were reacquainted with families and also made new acquaintances.  This experience in itself was most rewarding.  We sometimes were privileged to sample food prepared by the families.  The experience brought a reality to us that was beyond comparison.  This action emphasized the part individuals played in family life on a daily basis over a course of years—to be exact—a century.

    This collection of stories and food can certainly be appreciated by the reader and heighten the interest he or she will find in the unique recipes.  One can imagine the excitement and joy experienced by the originators.

    This book is worth reading if one wants to become knowledgeable about Chandler and its development.  It is rich in cultural and culinary values.  The people and their foods make the reading of this book a very “tasteful” experience.  The reader will be encouraged to experiment in the preparation of the foods presented here.

    Coy C. Payne
    Former Mayor 1990-1994
    City of Chandler


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