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    I. Breakfasts

    Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, Morning Cakes, etc.

                Cinnamon Rolls (Emma Arbuckle)

                Fluffy Biscuits (Emma Arbuckle)

                Salvation Army Lassie’s Donut (Salvation Army)

    Breads and Tortillas

                Pupusas de Queso (Otilia Blue)

    Ruth Dueñas’ Pumpkin Bread (Patsy Rodriguez)

    Tortillas (Jenny Vidal Salzman)


                Hot Cakes (LaVon Woods)

                “Mama Glen’s” Pancakes (LaVon Woods)

    II. Starts, Sides, and Salads


                Salsa Más Que Quick (Abigail Overholser)



    Broccoli Salad (Folley Family)          

    Cowboy Caviar (Salvation Army)

    Ken and Regina Andrew’s Southern Style Potato Salad (Ken and Regina Andrews)

    Seven Layer Salad (Yvonne Griffen)

    Soup, Gumbo and Rice

                Albondigas (Maria Rojas Chavez)

    Okra Gumbo (LaVon Woods)

    Potato Cheese Soup (Rachel Vidal Cedillo)

    Quick Homemade Vegetable Soup (Earnestine Johnson)

    Rice (Margaret Aguilar Lozano)

                Seafood Okra Gumbo (Folley Family)          

    Sopa de Fideo (Betty Navarrete Fairbanks)

    Vegetable Dishes

                CalabicitasSide Dish (Benites Family)

    Corn Pudding (Josephine Jackson)

    Fried Whole Kernel Corn Dish (Willie Arbuckle Sr.)

    Nopales (Anita Vidal Rosales)

    Pappas con Chorizo (Elizabeth Vidal Tejeda)

    III. Main Courses


                Chilli Verde con Carne (Benites Family)

    Cocido de Rez (Evangelina and Jose Gonzalez)

    Grandma’s Meat Loaf (Maudean Jackson Arbuckle)

    Mom’s Meatloaf (Chuck Nickell)

    Point of Pines Special (Larry Crespin)

    True Hungarian Goulash (Chuck Nickell)

    Wagon Wheel Chili Casserole (Coy Payne)


                Navajo Lamb Stew (Salvation Army)


                Pioneer’s Posole (Salvation Army)


    Sophia’s Carne Adovada (Rita Morales Arvayo)



                Delicious Diet Taco Chili (Salvation Army)

    Squab and Dressing (Nathan Johnson Harris)

    IV. Desserts and Other Sweets


                Aunt Willie Mae’s 7-Up Cake (Renee and Silas Black)


    Five-Flavor Pound Cake (Folley Family)

    Happy Day Cake (Willie Estha Woods Payne)

    Original Red Velvet Cake and Frosting (Maudean Jackson Arbuckle)

                Pound Cake (Peggy Woods)


                Chocolate Covered Grandmother or Ischeller Tortellets (Juniper Dery-Chaffin)

                Cowboy Cookies (Inez Waterfield Bowser)

                Old-Fashioned Tea Cakes (Lucille Wilson)


    Hot Chocolate

                Hot Chocolate (Margaret Aguilar Lozano)


                Buñuelos(Lucia Rodarte Madrid)



                Apple Crunch (Emma Arbuckle)

                Osgood Pie (Chuck Nickell)

    Turner’s Peach Cobbler (Sherri Turner-Larkins)

    Vinegar Pie (Argrett Colbert)


                Capirotada (George Rodriguez)

                Date Pudding (Inez Waterfield Bowser)

    Nana’s Pudding (Lucia Rodarte Madrid)

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