My Mom’s Recipe Seated in Her Favorite Chair

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    My Mom’s Recipe
    Seated in Her Favorite Chair

    Surrounded by her beautiful flowers garden
    Growing everywhere
    The fence, under the tree, and side of house.
    Mom’s folded arms, hands.  Her heart filled
     Together with despair
    Four Sons in U.S. service.
    Two teenagers at home
    Couldn’t spare.
    Two daughters raising families,
    One in Nursing College.
    Mom worked cleaning other folks houses,
    washing, hanging clothes, ironing
    Scrubbing floors, shining silverware. Then her own chores of work
    Mom’s health unknown.
    Made her way to church often
    Next door.
    Praise and worship.
    She adored
    Sunday school, prayer B.Y.P.U.
    Night service too.
    In the back yard Dad was busy, planting. Watering,
    Cutting weeds, building chicken pen, feeding chicken,
    and gathering eggs.
    He had grapes, oranges. Cantaloupes and watermelons.
    Mom’s cooking pots were filled with fresh vegetables
     Beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, string beans, sweet corn, green onions,
    Garlic, red pepper, and tomatoes.
    Her pots were steaming hot with good eating food out of Dad’s garden
    How Mom did it she threw in a pinch of this and a hand full of that
    Mixed with a skillet cornbread, bisques, and cakes.
    Raisin cobbler, peach cobbler, sweet potato pies, soft teacakes
    and baked sweet potatoes. An enjoyable meal made from scratch,
    Mixed with sweet Kool-Aid, and cold Iced tea.
    Never a meal without dessert.

    --by Ruth Payne Franklin, 2012


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