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    Southside Neighborhood:
    100 Years of Stories and Recipes

    Project Coordinator and Lead Writer:
    Melanie Hartmann

    Project Director:
    Jean Reynolds, Centennial Coordinator

    Contributing Writers:
    Dr. Santos Vega, Adiba Rehman

    Barbara Peacock, Chandler Historical Society Board

    Editing, Design, Community Outreach:
    Jody Crago, Mari Dresner, Cristabel Dykstra, Kim Kaan,
    Megan Keough, Judy Ramos, Rick Senffner, Dr. Santos Vega

    Advisory Committee:
    Maudean Arbuckle, Willie Arbuckle, Cecilia Boggs,
    Philip Duenas, Cynthia Hardy, Erma Hemphill, Chuck Nickell,
    Former Mayor Coy Payne, Jenny Vidal Salzman, and LaVon Woods.

    In Partnership With
    Arizona Humanities Council
    Chandler Historical Society
    Community Documentation Program
    Chandler Human Relations Commission

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