1921 Chandler City Directory

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    Adams, Glenn: salesman, resided with Miss M. E. Glenn
    Adams, J. E. (Caroline A.): rancher
    Alcantar, Frank (Mary): teamster, home on Delaware St.
    Allison, John J. (Effie): blacksmith, Boston St.; home on Colorado St.
    Alterman, Anna Mrs.: bookkeeper, First National Bank
    Alterman, M.S. (Anna): fruits, Arizona Ave., home on Dakota St.
    Andersen, John: vice-president, First National Bank
    Anderson, Thomas: rancher
    Appleby, G. B.: rancher
    Arambula, Manuel: billiards, Boston St.
    ARIZONA EASTERN RAIL ROAD CO.: F. W. Cannon, agent
    ARIZONA HARDWARE & LUMBER CO., G. E. Mineah, manager, Washington near Boston
    Armstrong, George: member, City Council
    Armstrong, George R. (Coraline B.): clerk, Reliable Hardware Co.; home on Dakota St.
    Armstrong, James N. (Daisy) (J and J Meat Market)
    Armstrong, Lyman B.: rancher
    Arneil, Joseph D. (Belle C.): vet surgeon, home on Boston St.
    Arnold, Daniel M. (Caroline): bookkeeper, home on north Washington St.
    Arvizo, Peter (Lizzie): meat cutter, J and J Meat Market
    Attaway, C. B.: rancher
    Austin, Fred P.: superintendent, Chandler Grade Schools


    Baldwin, Clarence A. (Emma H.): cashier, Bank of Chandler and president of The Bank of Gilbert; home on Arizona Ave. southwest corner of Cleveland.
    BANK OF CHANDLER THE, Alexander J. Chandler,  president; C. A. Baldwin, cashier; on San Marcos Place
    Barackman, William G. (Katheryn): dentist, Boston, near San Marcos Place, home on north Colorado
    Barnes, Nellie: teacher, Grade School
    Barnette, Aldine F.
    Barnette, Dora Mrs.
    Barr, Orpha Mrs.: manager, Mt. States Telephone and Telegraph; home, Oregon, near Buffalo
    Basha, N. N.: general merchandise, Boston St., home on Washington St.
    Baxter, George G. (Mazie J.): supply agent, Standard Oil Co., resident at Suhwaro Hotel
    Beall, Cyrus D.: rancher
    Beckham, Charles M. (Quentilla): county constable, home on Oregon St.
    Begley, A. H.: driver: Chandler Ice Co.
    Benn, Hans: rancher
    Beye, J. W. (Larne): rancher
    Billings, Fred: rancher
    Bland, Ida: widow, Edward; resided with F. C. Jordan
    Borquez, Manuel: barber, Washington St.
    BOSTON HOTEL, THE: Charles Eckles, proprietor of furnished rooms, on Boston near Washington
    Bouton, Floyd; resided with H. S. Bouton
    Bouton, Harvey S. (Callie): home on Commonwealth St.
    Bouton, Sarah J. Mrs., resided with H. S. Bouton
    Bowling, Sand (Alice): laborer, home on California St.
    Bradford, Walter C.: teller, First National Bank; home on Dakota, north of Cleveland
    Branaman, Agnes C.: widow of J. S.;  home on south California St.
    Breckler, Anne C. Mrs.: public steno and clerk for Post Office
    Breckler, Leonard B. (Annie C.): home on north Oregon St.
    Brimhall, O.: rancher
    Brion, A. A. (Margaret): rancher
    Brockett, Harry: auto mechanic
    Brockett, Jewel B.: teller, Bank of Chandler; resided with M. L. Brockett
    Brockett, M. Luther
    (Mary): laborer, home on Dakota St.
    Brooks, William T. (Pearl): auto supplies, Arizona Ave., corner of Boston
    Brown, Audrey Mrs.: home on Dakota St.
    BROWN, BERT O.: distributor of Chevrolet Motor Cars and Trucks, 321N. Central Ave., Phoenix, Phone 1963
    Brown, Bessie Mrs.: home on Dakota St.
    Brown, Clarence: rancher
    Brown, Elvis: rancher
    Brown, Ford: student, resided with Mrs. Audrey Brown
    Brown, J. W.: rancher
    Brown, Marshall: rancher
    Brown, Nora M. Mrs.: home on California St.
    Brown, W. P.
    Bufanda, Jose (Perlina): laborer, home on Delaware St.
    Burns, R. W.: rancher
    Burns, Vinna Mrs.
    Burridge, F. E.: assistant cashier, Bank of Chandler
    Butterfield, Raleigh (Lillian): auto merchandise, home on California St.


    Calhoun, Eugene B.: student, resided with J. E. Calhoun
    Calhoun, Joseph E. (Georgia M.): painting contractor on Dakota St.
    Campbell, Alex J. (Florence): manager, Chandler Egyptian Cotton Ginning Co.
    Cannon, F. W.: agent, Arizona Eastern Railway
    Cardinal, Genevieve: high school teacher
    Carroll, Ella K. Mrs.: high school teacher
    Caudill, W. S. (Bessie): insurance agent and city clerk; home on Cleveland, corner of California
    Celaya, Ida: high school teacher
    Chandler, Alexander J.: president, Bank of Chandler, Chandler Improvement Co., Chandler Water and Power Co.Chandler Land & Securities Co., Consolidated Canal Co. and San Marcos Hotel. He lived at Hotel San Marcos.
    CHANDLER ARIZONAN: S. A. Meyer, editor, 109 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    CHANDLER CAFE (Andrew J. and George Condos); San Marcos Place.
    CHANDLER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: W. W. Pickrell, manager; 109 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    CHANDLER CITY COUNCIL:  David A. Jacobson, mayor; George Armstrong, B. M. Crenshaw, George F. Mineah, Hugh C. Gardner, members.
    CHANDLER EGYPTIAN COTTON GINNING CO. : A. J. Campbell, manager; at Arizona Eastern Railway tracks.
    CHANDLER GARAGE (Ori Holdren, Wayne Heffner), on Commonwealth Ave.
    CHANDLER GRADE SCHOOL: Fred P. Austin, superintendent
    CHANDLER HIGH SCHOOL, Arizona Ave., near Detroit
    HANDLER IMPROVEMENT CO.: Alexander J. Chandler, president; E. J. Koch, secretary and manager; real estate development, San Marcos Place
    CHANDLER IMPROVEMENT CO. ranch,  ft? of Boston St.
    CHANDLER LAND & SECURITIES CO.:  Alexander J. Chandler, president; E. J. Koch, secretary, San Marcos Place
    CHANDLER-MESA STAGE; San Marcos Place, corner of Commonwealth Ave.
    CHANDLER MOTOR CO.: Chilton & Horne, proprietors; auto repairs, Washington St.
    CHANDLER-PHOENIX EXPRESS (D. A. McClellan Jr.), south Oregon St.
    CHANDLER TRANSFER CO. , J. L. Whitener, manager
    CHANDLER WATER & POWER CO.: Alexander J. Chandler, president; E. J. Koch, secretary, San Marcos Place
    Chandler Woman's Club: Mrs. R. Monroe Miller, president
    Chapman, Frank H. (Maggie): rancher
    Chelan, R. P. Rev.: pastor, Christian Church
    Chilton, Charles W. (Allie): yardman, J. D. Halstead Lumber Co., home, north Dakota St.
    Chilton, George (Chilton & Horne), residence on Washington St.
    CHILTON & HORNE (George Chilton, E. H. Horne): proprietors of Chandler Motor Co., Washington St.
    Chilton, Charles R. (Mary E.): carpenter, home on Dakota St.
    Chitwood, Glenn M.: salesman, residence with C. R. Chitwood
    Chitwood, Mabel: steno, Bank of Chandler, residence with C. R. Chitwood
    Chitwood, Nora: bookkeeper, J. D. Halstead Lumber Co.; residence with C. R. Chitwood
    Christian Church, Rev. R. P. Chelan, pastor
    Church of Christ Scientist, north Colorado St.
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Buffalo near Colorado
    Clark, Harley D.: rancher
    Clemens, Berry M.: rancher
    Clemens, T. T.: rancher, RD 1
    Coder, Eliza J. Mrs., resided with J. D. Arneil
    Coffman, David W. (Eliza): real estate, home on Commonwealth Ave.
    COHEN BROS.  (Jacob and David): cigars and billiards, San Marcos Place
    Cohen, David (Cohen Bros.), home on Boston St.
    Cohen, Jacob (Cohen Bros.): home on Boston St.
    Condos, Andrew J., Chandler Cafe, home on California St.
    Condos, George, Chandler Cafe, home on California St.
    Conner, Jasper D. (Vivian): carpenter, home on Dakota St.
    CONSOLIDATED CANAL CO.: Alexander J. Chandler, president; Ernest J. Koch, secretary; San Marcos Place
    Cook, Edna M.: grade school teacher
    Cox, Henry F. (Bessie A.): building contractor, home on Delaware St.
    Craft, Anna Mrs., proprietor, Suhwaro Hotel; home on Buffalo corner of Arizona Ave.
    Craft, L. G.; home on Boston St.
    Craft, L. L. (Anna): manager, J. D. Halstead Lumber Co.
    Crawford, Calvin N. (Alice)
    Crawford, Hugh J. (May): rancher, home on E. Buffalo St.
    Crenshaw, Benjamin M. (Clare W.): real estate,  Boston near San Marcos Place and member Chandler City Council; home on  Boston, corner of Dakota
    Crisp, David B. (Clara E.): rancher
    Crockett, Ralph (Joyce): auto mechanic, resided with E. W. Ferguson
    Crouse, Claud R.: warehouseman, Arizona Eastern Railway
    Cunningham, L. T.: batteries, Washington St.
    Curry, Lloyd J.: rancher
    Curtiss, Fred J. (Pearl Scott); grade school teacher; home on Washington near Detroit
    Curtiss, Vienna: student, resided with F. J. Curtiss


    Damon, William: rancher, resident of R D 1
    Damron, Eugene (Harriet): laborer, home on Dakota St.
    Davis, Esther Jean: teacher, Goodyear Grade School
    Davis, E J P (Emma): laborer: home on Dakota St.
    Davis, Lon (Lillian): laborer, home on Dakota St.
    Davis, Thomas C. (Wessie): foreman, South West Cotton Gin; home on Dakopta St.
    Davis, W. L.: rancher
    Deatheridge, Henry: soft drinks, Boston St.
    DeBolt, Ida B.: teller, Bank of Chandler
    DeBolt, John: auto operator, Chandler Transfer Co.; home 210 W. Buffalo
    DeBolt, W. Everett: salesman, resided with Mrs. Anna Shirey
    Deming, C. W. (Pauline): manager, insurance dept., Bank of Chandler
    Denny, Adelia C., widow S. H. B.; home, Dakota St.
    DeSouza, James E. (Aline C.): cashier, Chandler Improvement Co., home E. Buffalo St.
    DeWitt, Alex: rancher
    Dewitt, K.: rancher, RD1
    Dickson, John M. (Bessie): rancher, home on Dakota St.
    Dickson, Roy: student, resided with J. M. Dickson
    Dingus, William H.: rancher
    Dobbins, A. John (Lucy): rancher
    Dobbins, G. C.: rancher
    Dobbins, John
    Dobbins, William: laborer
    Dobson, John H.: president, First National Bank
    Dorough, Andrew (Esther): dairy
    Dunn, J. B.: electric repairs(?), Reliable Hardware Co.


    Earnhart, Albert S. (Della)
    Eckles, Charles: proprietor, Boston  Hotel
    Eckles, Louisa: teacher, resident of Boston Hotel
    Edmonds, Arthur E. (Beulah M.): high school teacher, home on Dakota St.
    Edwards, Emma Mrs.
    Edwards, Estella R.
    EL VERJEL RANCHO INC. (G. F. and W. I. Lewis): fruit cabinets?
    Eldredge,  Daniel K. (Mary): carpenter, home on south Oregon St.
    Eldredge, David P.: rancher, RD1
    Eldredge, Lloyd: ranch hand; resided with Mrs. L. G. K. Eldredge
    Eldredge, Lola G. K. Mrs.; home on Dakota St.
    Elliott, Thad (Pifer Seaver & Elliott); home on south Oregon St.
    Ellis, Henry J.: restaurant on south Arizona Ave.; home, Boston St.
    Enright, John P.: plumber on Washington St.
    Entrekin, J. L. (Maggie B.): real estate, insurance and loans, San Marcos Place; home on Washington St.
    Entrekin, Leland: student, lived with J. L. Entrekin
    Espinoza, J. C.
    Estrella, Manuel: foreman, Chandler Improvement Co.


    Fairbanks, R. H.; resided with F. S. Seaver
    Farmer, Benjamin: rancher, RD1
    Felton, Conway: carpenter, resided with J. D. Gardner
    Ferguson, Elias W. (Hannah): rancher, home on north Washington St.
    Ferguson, Vesta: teacher, resided with E. W. Ferguson
    Finley, Lual E. (Minnie L.): carpenter, home on Oregon southwest corner of California
    Finley, Minnie L. Mrs.: clerk, The Leader, resided with L. E. Finley
    First Baptist Church, Dakota St.
    FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE: John H. Dobson, president; John Andersen, vice president; W. N. Johnson, cashier;  on Boston, opposite San Marcos Place
    Fitts, Edward (Dona L.): camerman;  home on California St.
    Flanagan, J. E.; resident of Goodyear
    Fletcher, John B. (Annie): laborer, home on south Oregon St.
    Fosler, Fred: student, lived with John Fosler
    Fosler, John (Augusta): carpenter, home on Boston St.
    Foster, George E.: canvasser,  home on Boston St.
    Foster, Phoenix S.
    Frazee, Walter
    Frazee, Mettie, widow, Prid
    Friedberg, Joseph (Julie M. C.): The Leader, home on Dakota St.
    Frye, Alfred L.
    Frye, George: rancher
    Fuller, H.: rancher, RD1
    Fuller, L. R.


    Gaither, William (Roadie): rancher, home on Dakota St.
    Gardner, Hugh C. (Florence M.): co-owner of Gardner & Harmer and member of the City Council, home on north Washington St.
    GARDNER & HARMER (H. C. Gardner and A. M. Harmer): drug store on San Marcos Place
    Gaylord, Beatrice: student, resided with W. M. Gaylord
    Gaylord, William M. (Hattie): grocery employee on Boston near Arizona Ave.; home on Oregon St.
    Gerhard, Jessie F. (Orpha): engineer, home on Boston St.
    Gernhofer, Arthur W.: clerk, The Leader
    Gerry, Edward L.: steno, Chandler Improvement Co.
    Gibson, Irvin L.: clerk, Weber's Arrow Pharmacy
    Gilbert, Kramer M. (Bessie): physician,  home on Boston, near San Marcos Place
    Giles, M. L. (Julie B.): rancher
    Gipson, Chris C.: rancher
    Gonzalez, Cypriano: barber, Boston St.
    Goodman, Constantine L.: rancher
    Goodrich, P. M.: rancher
    Goodyear Grade School: D. D. Jones, principal
    Gorath, Fred: rancher
    Gordon, Carl R. (Annie A.); home on north Colorado St.
    Grant, James: restaurant on Boston St.
    Gray, Jack: rancher
    Greer, Freeman (Ella): janitor,  home on Boston St.
    Gregg, A. T. (Mamie E.): grocer, RD1
    Griffin, Nate H.: rancher and road overseer
    Griffith, Dio (Myrtle): plumber, home on Colorado St.


    Haggard, Purlina: widow, M. J.
    HALSTEAD, J. D. LUMBER CO.: L. L. Craft, manager, Washington St.
    Hamm, O. R.: rancher
    Hamm, Sarah A. Mrs.
    Handley, Otho N. (Lily): assistant cashier, Chandler Improvement Co.
    Hansen, Amy J.: teacher
    Hansen, John R.
    Hansen, Robert A. (Sylvia A.): rancher, RD 1
    Hanson, Ora G.: Grade School teacher
    Harding, H. E.: rancher, RD 1
    Harmer, Alvin M. (Nella E.): Gardner & Harmer,  home, Arizona Ave. corner of Cleveland
    Harris, J. B. (Alice): rancher
    Harris, Walker: salesman
    Hayes, Jasper L. (Idella): clothes cleaner, Boston, corner of California
    Hayes, Minnie M.: Grade School teacher
    Heffner, J. Wayne, Chandler Garage owner, home on north Washington St.
    Henry, John G. (Leonora E.): salesman, home on California St.
    Henry, Louis (Velma): painter, home on north Washington St.
    Herzberg, Nat (Myrtle): clerk, Abe Lukin
    Hicks, Eva Mrs.; home on Dakota St.
    Hinson, W. W.: shoe repair, rear of Reliable Hardware Co.
    Holdren, Floyd: student
    Holdren, Oris (Ruth): (Chandler Garage co-owner), home on east Buffalo St.
    Horne, Edward H. (Chilton & Horne) Washington St.
    HOTEL CHANDLER, Boston, corner of San Marcos Place
    HOTEL SAN MARCOS, San Marcos Hotel Co. proprietors; H. P. Smith, general manager, San Marcos Place, corner of Buffalo
    Houston, Walter (Mabel): carpenter, home on north Delaware St.
    Huber, A. C.: rancher
    Huber, John E.: rancher
    Huber, Joseph: manager, Southside Gas & Electric Co.
    Huber, Paul (Lola): rancher
    Huggett, William W. (Florence): guide, Boston St.
    Hunsaker, Gordon (Anne): laborer, home on Colorado St.
    Hunsaker, Ivan: farmer, resided with Gordon Hunsaker
    Hunsaker, Violet: telephone operator, Mt. States Telephone & Telegraph, resided with Gordon Hunsaker


    J AND J MEAT MARKET (J. F. Sparks, J. N. Armstrong): Boston, near San Marcos Place
    Jackson, Roy A.: high school teacher
    Jacobs, Ethel H. Mrs.: cashier, Lukin Cash Grocery, lived with Abe Lukin
    Jacobson, David A.: Mayor of Chandler
    Jacobson, Ray Mrs.: resident of Hotel Chandler
    James, Pleasant M. (Gertrude E.): hay and grain, Arizona Eastern Railway tracks
    Jepsen, Andreas: rancher
    Jobe, D. W.: barber, Boston St.
    Johns, Leean Mrs.: home, Dakota St.
    Johnson, Alice Mrs., resided with C. R. Gordon
    Johnson, Emma Mrs., resided with S. A. Meyer
    Johnson, Gust: rancher
    Johnson, James
    Johnson, Jane Mrs.
    Johnson, John: rancher
    Johnson, Joseph W. (Delpha): rancher
    Johnson, Julius R.
    Johnson, J. D.: rancher
    Johnson, Walter N. (Emily M.): cashier, First National Bank
    Jones, D. D.: principal, Goodyear Grade School
    Jones, John W. (Vivian): home on Dakota St.
    Jones, R.: rancher
    Jordan, Fred C. (Berma): physician, Commonwealth Ave., near San Marcos Place; home on Arizona Ave. near Cleveland
    Jucklin, Tennessee: laborer, lived on Boston St.


    Karp, Charles: men's furnishings, San Marcos Place, home on Boston St.
    Keener, David A. (Elsie): attorney, San Marcos Place, home on Boston St.
    Knudsen, Knud: rancher
    Koch, Ernest J. (Rafaela): secretary and manager, Chandler Improvement Co.; home on north Colorado St.
    Koch, Ernest Jr.: student, lived with E. J. Koch
    Koch, Rafaela: teacher; resided with E. J. Koch
    Krebs, John W.: blacksmith on Washington St.


    Lang, Frank: student, lived with H. B. Lang
    Lang, H. B.: rancher
    Lang,  W. H.: hay
    La Terry Isle: bookkeeper, Bank of Chandler
    Lattin, Mary: student; resided with Mrs. A. C. Branaman
    LEADER, THE: (Joseph Friedberg): dry goods on Boston, near San Marcos Place
    LeBlanc, W. L. (Le Blanc & Co.)
    LE BLANC & CO. (W. L. LeBlanc and I. C. Zeh): building contractors
    Leff, Jack J.: clerk for Charles Karp; lived on San Marcos Place
    Leister, Arthur H. (Maude): rancher, home on Dakota St.
    LEMON BROS. (Herbert G. Lemon and Roy G. Lemon): successors to Chandler Hardware & Cycle Co.; hardware, auto supplies, farm implements, tents, furniture, harnesses, etc. Arizona Ave. near Boston
    Lemon, Hubert G. (Lemon Bros.)
    Lemon, Roy G. (Tillie) (Lemon Bros.); home on south Boston St.
    Lentz, Peter (Maria): cement contractor on Washington St.
    Lewis, Arthur: rancher
    Lewis, George F. (El Verjel Rancho Inc.)
    Lewis, Webster J. (Helen G.) (El Verjel Rancho Inc.)
    Lively, Wheeler J. (Sular): foreman, Chandler Improvement Co. Ranch; home on Boston St.
    Loyal Order of Moose Chandler Lodge No. 582
    Lukin, Abe (Lucille): groceries and meats on San Marcos Place; home on California St.
    Lunderman, Florence A.: high school teacher


    McBrayer, William D. (Laura): police justice
    McBrewer, John; home on California St.
    McCally, C. W. (Carrie P.): rancher
    McClellan, D. A.: rancher, resident of RD1
    McClellan, D. A. Jr. (Chandler-Phoenix Express); south Oregon St.
    McCleve, J. H. (Doris): rancher
    McCrite, John: rancher, Chandler Improvement Co.; home on Dakota St.
    McGhee, Collwell S. (Nellie): foreman, Chandler Water & Power Co., home on Dakota St.


    Madray, Lester H. (Ethel): bookkeeper, Reliable Hardware Co., home on California St.
    Magwarth, Boliver: printer, Chandler Arizonan
    Mallory, Harry: rancher
    Malone, Charles L. (Bertie): carpenter, home on Dakota St.
    Martinez, Marian: teacher, Grade School
    Mason, William: laborer
    Masterson, William, lived with C. F. Tate
    Mather, Stephen D.: rancher
    Mather, Myra S. Mrs.
    Matthews, Charles H. (Jessie): rancher, home on Dakota St.
    Meason, James M. (May): physician, resident of Goodyear
    Meehan, G. T.: rancher
    Meras, Blas (Soledad): restaurant on Boston St.
    Meridith, G. R.: garage on Washington St.
    Methodist Episcopal Church, Cleveland, between California and Dakota
    Meyer, Hewie C.: clerk, Gardner & Harmer
    Meyer, Samuel A. (Vera J.): editor, Chandler Arizonan, on north Washington St.
    Michaels, W. R.: rancher, home on Delaware St.
    Miller, Alex (Yetta): in clothing business,  lived on Arizona Ave.
    Miller, Edith F.: clerk, San Marcos Hotel
    Miller, Joseph: rancher, resident of RD1
    Miller, Margaret: teacher, Grade School
    Miller, Nell O. Mrs.: president, Chandler Woman's Club
    Miller, R. Monroe (Nell O.): rancher
    Millet, Eunice Mrs.; resided with J. J. Allison
    Mineah, George E. (Daisy J.): manager, Arizona Hardware and Lumber Co., member City Council
    Mitchell, May: nurse, worked with K. M. Gilbert
    Molino, Serafino (Catalina): laborer; home on Colorado St.
    Molone, Elmer: clerk, Weber's Pharmacy
    MONROE BUILDING, San Marcos Place, near Commonwealth Ave.
    Moore, Walter: rancher, lived with J. M. Wilkinson
    Moores, W. C. foreman, Chandler Egyptian Cotton Gin Co.
    Morgansen, Nellie: teacher, Grade School
    Morgareidge, Alva T. (Reliable Hardware Co.)
    Morgensen, Andrew L.: cattleman
    Morgensen, Nellie: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Morris, E. R.
    Morris, Flossie Mrs.
    Mortensen, Alma C. (Leonora); home on S. Oregon St.
    MOUNTAIN STATES TELEPHONE & TELEPHONE CO., Mrs. Orpha Barr, manager, on Oregon, north of Buffalo
    Muncey, William M. (Belle): rancher, Chandler Improvement Co.,  home on Dakota St.
    Murphree, F. P. Mrs.
    Musser, John R., resided with R. B. Musser
    Musser, Robert B. (Margaret G.) (White House); home on south Oregon


    Nagle, Patrick: cook, San Marcos Hotel
    Nagle, Ted: chef, San Marcos Hotel
    Nelson, J. Eugene (May) : carpenter, home on Dakota St.
    Newman, Frank J. : plumber, lived at Suhwaro Hotel
    Nier, Harry: chief engineer, San Marcos Hotel
    Noreiga, Francisco: clerk, Weber's Arrow Pharmacy
    Norton, Clara R. : clerk, The Leader, lived with G. W. Norton
    Norton, George W.
    (Maggie) : rancher, home on Oregon, near California
    Norton, Ira Lee: clerk, The Leader, lived with G. W. Norton
    Norton, William B. : bookkeeper, lived with G. W. Norton
    Norwood, Benjamin F. : rancher
    Norwood, Charles C. : shoe repair
    Norwood, Charles H. : blacksmith


    Olsen, Ole: rancher


    Parke, Leonard C. : postmaster
    Parkhurst, Jacob L. : rancher, lived on RD1
    Parkinson, Albert T. : rancher
    Peeler, Madge E. : bookkeeper, lived with Mrs. G. W. Woodson
    Peeler, Martha E. : widow of J. E.
    Peevey, Benjamin L.
    Peevey, Lucian L.
    Peevey, Lucian L. Jr.
    Peevey, Thomas I. (Melissa): laborer, home on Dakota St.
    Penrod, Clara Mrs. , lived with Mrs. Mary Resner
    Perkins, Charles L.
    Perkins, S. H. : rancher
    PETERS, ALFRED J. & CO.: E. H. Pew, manager, feed business on Commonwealth Ave., near Arizona Eastern Railway depot
    Peterson, Elmer: student, lived with H. L. Peterson
    Peterson, Esther L. : teacher, lived with H. L. Peterson
    Peterson,  Henry L. (Cora A.) : rancher,  home on north Washington St.
    Peterson, Esther L. : teacher, lived with H. L. Peterson
    Pew, Ellis H. : manager of Alfred J. Peters & Co., resident of Gilbert
    Phelps, Joseph: rancher
    Phelps, Joseph M. (Frances): (Goodyear Stage); home on Dakota St.
    Phillips, James W. : rancher
    Pickrell, W. Watson: manager of Chandler Chamber of Commerce
    Pifer, David H. (Pifer Seaver & Elliott); home on California
    PIFER SEAVER & ELLIOTT (D. H. Pifer, F. S. Seaver, Thad Elliott): barbers, on San Marcos Place
    Pleasant, Samuel: carpenter, lived with W. P. Pleasant
    Pleasant, William P. (Ethel) : building contractor, lived on Boston St.
    Pollard, H. L. Mrs. : teacher, high school
    POPULAR STORE, Serrano Bros, proprietors; on Arizona Ave. near Boston
    POST OFFICE: L. C. Parke, postmaster, on Boston, near San Marcos Place
    Price, Arthur E. : attorney, San Marcos Place


    Reese, John T. : rancher
    RELIABLE HARDWARE CO. (A. T. Morgareidge, J. D. Thorn Jr. ), Boston, near San Marcos Place
    RELIANCE PLUMBING & ELECTRIC CO., agent, A-B-C Super-Electridc Washing Machines and Ohio Vacuum Cleaners, 142 W. Main, Mesa
    Resner, Mary, widow of George; home on Dakota St.
    Reynolds, Ralph L. : bookkeeper, Chandler Improvement Co., home on west Chicago St.
    Rice, E. David, lived with Mrs. William Rice
    Rice, Irene: clerk, lived with Mrs. William Rice
    Rice, Merton N. (Beulah), with J. L. Entrekin, home on north Washington.
    Rice, Wiliam Mrs. , home on California St.
    Rittner, Paul: billiards, Boston St.
    Robb, Martha M. Mrs. ; home on Dakota St.
    Roberts, Clyde A. (Ruby E.) : manager, O. S. Stapley Co., home on California St.
    Roberts, David Rev. , pastor Methodist Episcopal Church
    Roberts, Frank: corral, east Boston St.
    Roberts, Harvey
    Roberts, Vida: Grade School teacher
    Robinson, Dorothy B. : Grade School teacher, lived with W. H. Robinson
    Robinson, Grace P. Mrs. : manager, San Marcos Hotel
    Robinson, Will H. (Grace) : writer, home on north Washington St.
    Rodgers, Britton M. (Jalie) : rancher, home on Dakota St.
    Rodgers, Edgar A. : rancher
    Rodrick, F. H. : men's furnishings, Boston St.
    Rodriguez, Macedonio: billiards, Washington St.
    Rodriguez, Macedonio (Concepcion) : laborer,  home on Cypress Ave.
    Rogers, Cecil P. : student, lived with C. P. Rogers
    Rogers, Commodore Perry (Ella L.) : carpenter, home on Dakota St.
    Rogers, E. Elizabeth: student, lived with C. P. Rogers
    Rogers, Iva M. : Grade School teacher
    Rogers, Ora L. : carpenter, lived with C. P. Rogers
    Rose, B. H. : laborer
    Rowland, Crede W. : tractor engineer, lived with J. P. Rowland
    Rowland, Ernest T. : tractor engineer, lived with J. P. Rowland
    Rowland, John P. (Jeannette): rancher, home on Boston St.
    Rucker, B. C. Mrs.
    Rucker, Leonard F. : rancher and Post Office clerk


    Salazar, Francisco (Marie): laborer, home on Boston St.
    Salazar, Peter: rancher, RD 1
    Salladay, James F. (Rose J.) : carpenter, home on California St.
    SAN MARCOS HOTEL CO.: Alexander J. Chandler, president; E. J. Koch, seceretary; proprietor of Hotel San Marcos
    Sanders, Marion B. : nurse, Chandler Schools, lived with K. M. Gilbert
    Sanders, Mary Mrs. , lived with K. M. Gilbert
    Sandige, J.R. : teacher, high school
    Schmalzel, Michael J. : warehouseman, Standard Oil Co. , lived with J. H. Smith
    Schuele, J. Martin (Mary E.) : rancher, resident of RD 1
    Seaver, Anna N. Mrs. : teacher, Grade School
    Seaver, Fred S. (Pifer, Seaver & Elliott); home on California St.
    Sellers, A. H. : rancher
    Sellers, Edith C.
    Sellers, Louisa
    Sellers, Martha E. : widow, S.S.; home on Dakota St.
    Sellers, R. P. : rancher
    Sellers, Samuel S. (Ruby) : carpenter, home on Dakota St.
    Serrano, Albert P.  (Serrano Bros.)
    SERRANO BROS. (L. P. Serrano and A. P. Serrano: proprietors of Popular Store on Arizona Ave. near Boston
    Serrano, Louis P. (Serrano Bros.)
    Shirey, Anna L. : widow of S. F.; home on Buffalo, near corner of Dakota
    Shrigley, William: watchman, The Leader
    Singleton, Mabel Mrs. : home economics teacher, lived with Richard Singleton
    Singleton, Richard (Mabel) : auto mechanic, home on California St.
    Slauson, William: carpenter, home on Commonwealth Ave.
    Slawson, Amos P.
    Sloan, Charles P. (Nancy J.) : rancher
    Smith, George W. (Laura M.) : carpenter, home on Dakota St.
    Smith, Harry P. : general manager, San Marcos Hotel
    Smith, Joseph H. (Lucy): home on California St.
    Smith, Mary A. Mrs. , lived in RD 1
    Smith, Mary E. : Grade School teacher
    Souick, Rudolph: guard, San Marcos  Hotel
    SOUTHSIDE GAS & ELECTRIC CO. : Joseph Huber, manager
    Soza, Manuel:  laborer, home on Cypress Ave.
    Soza, Placido, laborer: home on Delaware St.
    Sparks, Joseph F. (Maude) (J and J Meat Market)
    Spears, W. J. : rancher, Chandler Improvement Co.
    Stall, D. W. : rancher
    Stall, Harry: rancher
    Stall, John F.
    STANDARD OIL CO. , on Delaware, corner of Boston
    Stanford, Cal C. : shoemaker for Lemon Bros.
    Stapley, Erwin: bookkeeper, O. S. Stapley Co. Inc., resident of Mesa
    STAPLEY, O.S. INC.: C. A. Roberts, manager; hardware and farm implements on Boston Street
    Stewart, Anna E. Mrs.
    Stewart, Cal B. (Daisy) : rancher, Cleveland St.
    Stewart, Henry: rancher
    Stewart, H. M. Mrs.
    Stewart, Mary L. Mrs.
    Stewart, Orville: rancher
    Stewart, Owen L. : rancher
    Stewart, Sarah C. Mrs.
    Stidham, Delbert (Susie) : carpenter, home on north Colorado St.
    Stiles, B. Roxie: teamster
    Stiles, B. L. : cotton pressman, lived with E. G. Townsend
    Stiles, B. L. Jr. : rancher
    Stowe, Mark W. (Martha A.) : deputy sheriff, home on California St.
    Stowe, Martha A. Mrs. : telephone operator, Mt. States Tel. & Tel Co., lived with M. W. Stowe
    SUHWARO HOTEL: Mrs. L. L. Craft, proprietor; on Buffalo, corner of Arizona Ave.
    Sutherland, Walter W.
    Sutton, Alfred J.
    Sutton, C. A. : rancher


    Tate, Charles F. (Lesbie): R. D. carrier, home on California St.
    Thiebaud, M. J. : mechanic, Chandler Garage
    Thomas, John S. : rancher, Rural District 1
    Thomas, L. J. : rancher
    Thorn, Caroline Mrs. : teacher, High School, lived with J. D. Thorn Jr.
    Thorn, Joseph D. Jr. (Caroline) (Reliable Hardware owner), home on north Washington St.
    Thrailkill, King D. : rancher
    Thude, Hans: rancher, RD 1
    Thude, Ludwig
    Tyler, Charles A. : cement worker, lived with R. M. Tyler
    Tyler, Norma: lived with R. M. Tyler
    Tyler, Robert M. (Charlotte) ; home on California St.
    Tyler, Rue: clothes cleaner


    Underhill, Martin, lived on California St.
    Underhill, S. M. : rancher
    UNION AUTO TRANSPORTATION CO. , San Marcos Place, corner of Commonwealth Ave.
    UNION STOCK YARD: at Arizona Eastern Railway tracks, half a mile south of the station.


    VANCE BROS; G. A. Vance, manager of bakery on Boston St.
    Vance, George A. (Martin): manager of Vance Bros. , home on Boston St.
    Veale, E. R. : rancher
    Verdugo, Jose: confectionary on Boston St.
    Vogt, R. R. : carpenter, home on California St.


    Wagner, Henrietta: High School teacher
    Wah, George Y. : grocery and meats on Boston St.
    Walker, Mack
    Ward, Buff: rancher, lived with Mrs. M. E. Sellers
    Ward, M.E. Mrs.
    Ward, Thomas: lived with Mrs. M. E. Sellers
    Warriner, W. A. : rancher
    Washburn, J. B. : rancher
    Washburn, J. W. : rancher
    Weaver, Ozula, lived with L. H. Madray
    Weber, John B. (Luella R.) : proprietor of Weber's Arrow Pharmacy, home on California St.
    WEBER'S ARROW PHARMACY: J. B. Weber, propreitor, on Boston at corner of Arizona Ave. (southwest)
    WHITE HOUSE (R. B. Musser): dry goods, San Marcos Place
    White, J. W. : rancher
    White, Lucy E. Mrs.
    Whitener, Jesse L. (Bernadine) : manager, Chandler Transfer Co.,  home on south Oregon St.
    Wigley, J. R. : rancher
    Wiley, Marvin: High School teacher
    Wilkins, Melissa Mrs. : dressmaker, lived with Mrs. L. F. Jones
    Williams, Charles: clerk, lived with Delmer Williams
    Williams, David: rancher
    Williams, Delmer (Effie A.) (Williams Grocery); home on Oregon near Buffalo
    WILLIAMS GROCERY (Delmer Williams), San Marcos Place
    Williams, Lee: clerk, lived with Delmer Williams
    Willis, Amasa (Edna F.) : laborer, home on Dakota St.
    Willis, Amasa M. (Eda) : rancher, home on Dakota St.
    Willis, Frank W. : auto operator, Arizona Hardware & Lumber Co., lived with A. M. Willis
    Wilson, G. M. : rancher
    Wilson, Sallie Mrs.
    Winn, David: real estate
    Winn, Rozetta Mrs.
    Witten, A. S. : tractor operator, Chandler Improvement Co.
    Wood, Roy A. (Florence) : rancher
    Woodmansee, Annie D. Mrs. : lived with J. P. Madray
    Woodmansee, Charles E. : clerk for White House, home on California St.
    Wooley, William G. : High School teacher
    Worley, Arthur B. (Dora) : rancher, home on Cleveland St.
    Worley, Victor, lived with A. B. Worley


    Yontz, Ralph E. (Nettie) : watchmaker with Gardner & Harmer, home on California St.


    Zeh, I. C. (Le Blanc & Co.)
















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