1929 Chandler City Directory

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    Ackley, Loren: teacher, Chandler Junior High School
    Adams, Lloyd E.: telegraph operator, Southern Pacific Co.
    Addis, Lilian: resident at San Marcos Hotel
    Alcantor, Frank: 176 S. Colorado
    ALFALFA MILLING CO. OF ARIZONA: G. C. Spilsbury, manager; east Boston, corner of Nevada
    Allen, Edward (Rosieta): home on south Colorado
    Allison, John J. (Effie): manager, Chandler Machine Works; home, 168 W. Boston
    Anderson, Arthur (Edna): clerk, Safe-way Pay'n Takit Stores; home, 127 S. California
    Anderson, W. H.: chef, San Marcos Hotel
    Androde, Robert: meat cutter, Safe-way Pay'n Takit Stores
    Aguilar, Juan (Francisca): laborer, home 111b S. Washington
    ARIZONA INVESTMENT SERVICE: George L. Still, general manager; investment counselors, 22 W. Monroe, Tel 3-1158, Phoenix
    Armigo, isaac (Margaret): plasterer, home on south Colorado
    Arneil, Joseph D. (Belle C.): home, 30 W. Boston
    Arriaga, Gavino (Chonita): home, south Colorado
    ARROW PHARMACY (J. Homer Shrewsbury); Drug sundries, Kodaks, Victrolas, cigars, candies, fountain in connection, 1 W. Boston, Tel 37
    Arvizo, Peter (Helen): meats, 70 San Marcos Place
    Austin, Fred P.: superintendent, Chandler Schools
    Austin, Wilfred G. (Dorothy): teacher, Chandler High School; home, 212 N. Washington


    Baldwin, Clarence A. (Emma): superintendent, Chandler Improvement Co.; home, 100 N. Arizona Ave.
    BANK OF CHANDLER: A. J. Chandler, president; F. H. Bouton, cashier, 35 W. Boston
    Barker, Jean M.: 121 S. Dakota
    Basha, Isaac N.: clerk, for N. N. Basha
    Basha, Nejeeb N. (Nejeeby): general merchandise, 98 E. Boston; home, 320 N. Washington
    Bear, Paul W. (Kathleen R.): bookkeeper, 200 S. California
    Bearden, Albert A. (Vera): carpenter; home, 261 S. Oregon
    Bearden, Carl K. (May): carpenter; home, 344 N. Dakota
    Beasley, L. H.: engineer for E. C. Grasty
    Beatty, Claude R.: barber, 54 San Marcos Place, lived on south Colorado
    Beckham, Charles M. (Lilla): 120 N. Dakota
    Begley, Walter J. (Geraldine): mechanic, E. C. Grasty; home, 108 S. California
    Binion, H. Martin (Gertrude): farmer, home, 102 N. Dakota
    Black, E. V.: steward, San Marcos Hotel
    Blake, Alice Mrs.: librarian, Chandler Public Library, lived one mile west of city
    Blake, E. T.: clerk, White Cross Drug Co.
    Blake, Frank O.: bookkeeper, Chandler Ginning Co.; home, one mile west of city
    BLASINGAME NURSERIES, 100 W. Van Buren, Tel 6494, Phoenix
    Blevins, Jack (Annie): 300 N. California
    Booth, Albert (Susie J.): rancher, home, 293 S. California
    Booth, Frank C.: laborer; home, 293 S. California
    Boswell, Charles: 288 N. Dakota
    Boswell, John: cook, J. H. Lawshe
    Boswell, Rufus: 288 N. Dakota
    Bouton, Floyd H. (Pearl): cashier, Bank of Chandler; home, on Commonwealth Ave.
    Bowling, Charles (Gertrude): 398 N. Dakota
    Bowling, Samuel (Alice): 294 N. California
    Boyd, C. W.: clerk, Reliable Hardware Co.
    Breckler, Anne Mrs.: casier, San Marcos Hotel; home, 48 S. Boston
    Breckler, John (Anne): 48 W. Boston
    Brewster, Marshall (Ruth): clerk, Lemon Bros; home, 108 S. Dakota
    Brion, Dorothy: clerk, Chandler High School
    Brion, Robert, mechanic, Goff Motor Co.
    Brockett, M. Luther (Mary): 130 S. Dakota
    Brooks, A. L.: clerk, H. S. Kerby
    Brooks, Dallas: clerk, H. S. Kerby; lived on north California
    Brooks, John P. (Irene): salesman; home, 179 N. Colorado
    Brooks, John W. (Celestia): well driller; home, 272 N. California
    Brooks, Laura S. Mrs.: hostess, San Marcos Hotel
    Brooks, Pearl E. Mrs.: cashier, Safe-way Pay'n Takit Stores
    Brooks, Vera L.: 272 N. California
    Brooks, William: real estate, 99 S. Arizona
    BROWN CHEVROLET CO. (E. D. (Buster) Brown), 125 S. Arizona, Tel 172
    Brown, E. D. (Irene): (Brown Chevolet Co.); lived 3/4 mile east of city
    Brown, E. H.: engineer, E. C. Grasty
    Burge, Russell L. (Lydia): mechanic, J. W. Krebs
    Burnett, C. Elburn (Opal): carpenter; home, 111 S. California
    Butler, William F. Rev. (Barbara): pastor, Methodist Episcopal Church; home 199 N. California
    Butterfield, Shirley D.: gas station, 15 S. Arizona; home, 220 W. Buffalo
    Bynum, Fay: teacher, public school
    Bynum, Jasper T. (Mary): 327 N. California


    Calder, Helen: teacher, Chandler High School
    Callie, Ella: telephone operator, San Marcos Hotel
    Campbell, Alex J. (Florence): manager, Chandler Bakery and Chandler Transfer & Storage Co.; home, one half mile east of city
    Campbell, Clara: teacher, public school
    Campbell, Clara Mae: 135 N. California
    Campbell, Mae Mrs.: 381 N. Dakota
    Campbell, William F. (Florence): assistant manager, Chandler Transfer & Storage Co.; home, half a mile east of city
    Canillo, Amelia: home on south Colorado
    Cardon, Florence, operator for Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph; home 2 1/2 miles northeast of city
    Carroll, Ella K.: Chandler High School teacher
    Caudill, William S. (Bessie): agent for Railway Express, Route 1
    CENTRAL ARIZONA LIGHT & POWER CO.: J. A. McCue, manager; 92 San Marcos Place
    Chandler, A. J. (Charlotte): president, Chandler Improvement Co., Chandler Heights Citrus Inc., Chandler Land & Securities Co., Consolidated Canal 
    Co., San Marcos Hotel Co. and Bank of Chandler; residence at San Marcos Hotel

    CHANDLER ARIZONAN (weekly): P. R. Mitten, editor; C. A. Mitten, business manager; 109 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    CHANDLER BAKERY: Alex J. Campbell, manager, 18 E. Boston, Tel 110
    CHANDLER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Margaret K. Stewart, managing secretary; 2 E. Boston, Tel 95
    Chandler City Government:  All offices located in Cty Hall, 198 S. Arizona. Attorney -- D. A. Keener; City Jail, clerk -- C. A. Graves; Constable -- Joseph Smith; Councilmen -- J. E. De Souza, R. E. Ward, W. G. Vaughn, A. T. Morgareidge; Fire Department, Health Officer -- J. M. Meason; Jail -- E. E. Hall; marshal, Justice of the Peace -- R. P. Sellers; marshall -- E. E. Hall; Mayor--J. F. Salladay; Police Court -- C. A. Graves; Judge, Superintendent of Schools -- F. P. Austin; superintendent of streets --E. E. Hall; superintendent, water department--E. E. Hall

    CHANDLER GINNING CO.: O. G. Johnson, manager, Nevada, corner of Chicago
    Chandler Grade Schools: Fred P. Austin, superintendent, 145 N. Oregon
    CHANDLER HEIGHTS  CITRUS INC.: A. J. Chandler, president; J. E. DeSouza, secretary-treasurer; citrus lands, 95 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    Chandler High School: F. P. Austin, principal; R. A. Jackson, assistant principal, 250 N. Arizona
    CHANDLER HOMEACRES, Chandler Improvement Co., developers; suburban homes, 96 S. San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    CHANDLER IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION: Addison N. Clark, secretary, 2 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    CHANDLER IMPROVEMENT CO;: A. J. Chandler, president; J. E. DeSouza, secretary-treasurer; real estate and development, 2 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    Chandler Junior High School: R. A. Jackson, principal
    CHANDLER LAND & SECURITIES CO., A. J. Jackson, president; J. E. DeSouza, secretary-treasurer, 2 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    CHANDLER MACHINE WORKS: J. J. Allison, manager, 166 E. Boston
    Chandler Public Library: Mrs. Alice Blake, librarian, 6 E. Boston
    CHANDLER TRANSFER & STORAGE CO.: A. J. Campbell, manager; 161 S. Washington
    Chapman, Alta: phone operator, San Marcos Hotel

    Chason, Elsie M. Mrs.: teacher, Chandler High School
    Chavis, John: barber, C. R. Beatly (probably C. R. Beatty), lived on south Colorado
    Chitwood, Charles R. (Mary E.): 215 N. Dakota
    Chitwood, Mabel: teller, Bank of Chandler: 215 N. Dakota
    Christian Science Society: 150 N. Colorado
    Church of Christ: 2 E. Commonwealth Ave.
    Church of the Nazarene: 147 S. Oregon
    Clark, Addison N.: secretary, Chandler Improvement Association; rear of 101 Commonwealth Ave.
    Coffman, David W. (Lydia): salesman, 311 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    Coffman, Roy: clerk; home, 311 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    CONSOLIDATED CANAL CO.: A. J. Chandler, president; J. E. DeSouza, secretary-treasurer; 2 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    Contos, George: restaurant, 46 S. Marcos Place; home on west Boston
    Cooksey, Samuel A. (Callie): 240 N. Dakota
    Cooper, E. E.: principal, Chandler Grade School
    Coronado, Jose (Marie): home on south Colorado
    Coronado, Pedro (Dolorez): 198 S. Colorado
    Corson, Kate S. Mrs: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Cowley, Ray N.: clerk, San Marcos Hotel
    Crandall, Floyd O. (Beatrice): salesman; home, 191 E. Cleveland
    Curry, Mina E. Mrs.: beauty shop 200 S. Oregon
    Curry, William W. A. (Mina): shoe repairman 111 S. Washington; home, 200 south Oregon
    Curtiss, Fred J. (Pearl): teacher, Chandler Junior High School; home, 298 W. Washington


    Davis, Lon T. (Lillian): 309 N. Dakota
    Davis, Robert F. (Lavina): 285 N. Dakota
    Day, William (Kath): gardener, San Marcos Hotel; home, 202 W. Boston
    Dees, Alma: operator, Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co.; home, two miles west of city
    Delci, Hilario (Lydia): 152 S. Colorado
    Delci, Lena: clerk, L. P. Serrano & Bros.; home, 152 S. Colorado
    Delci, Manuel: chauffeur: 152 S. Colorado
    Delci, Mercedes: 152 S. Colorado
    Delci, Oscar (Lola): 152 S. Colorado
    Delci, Robert: laborer, home, 152 S. Colorado
    DeSouza, James D. (Aline): secretary-treasurer, Chandler Improvement Co., Chandler Heights Citrus Inc., Chandler Land & Securities Co., Consolidated Canal Co. and San Marcos Hotel Co.; home, 187 E. Buffalo
    Dwiggins, Earl A. (Alice): baker, Chandler Bakery; home, 211 N. Dakota


    Easton, Henry W.: assistant manager, San Marcos Hotel
    Eckles, Charles: grocery 1 E. Boston
    Edmondson, Lee V. (Kathleen): engineer, E. C. Grasty; home, 104 S. Dakota
    Edwards, Bertha: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Edwards, Irene: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Egly, Henry (Dessie): manager, O. S. Stapley Co.; home, 162 N. California
    Eikenberry, U. Lloyd (E. Josephine): teacher, High School; home, 299 N. Colorado
    Eldridge, Daniel (Mary F.): 120 S. Oregon
    Ellaby, Frances: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Ellis, Grace M. (widow, H. G.): restaurant, 117 W. Boston
    Erickson, Anna: cook, San Marcos Hotel
    Esber, Alex (Victoria): dry goods, 34 E. Boston; home, 243 S. Oregon
    Estrella, Ralph (Elisa): farmer; home, 172 S. Colorado
    Ethington, Ralph P. (Veda): 103 N. California


    Filkins, Kenneth (Era): chauffeur, 222 S. Dakota
    Filman, Edward (Ava): laborer, 300 S. Oregon
    Finch, Clarence A. (Cora): teacher, high school; home 146 N. California
    Fire Department: 198 S. Arizona
    First Baptist Church: Rev. S. E. Stevenson, pastor; 123 S. Dakota
    Fisher, Clarence (Nellie): manager, Safe-way Pay'n Takit Stores; Phoenix resident
    Fitze, Claude H.: clerk, M. D. Fitze
    Fitze, Maurice D.: grocery, 70 San Marcos Place
    Fletcher, Cecil G.: clerk, Arrow Pharmacy; home, 102 S. Oregon
    Fletcher, Erma L.: maid, home, 102 S. Oregon
    Fletcher, John B. (Annie B.): 102 S. Oregon
    Fogal, Frank Jr. (Eleanor): chauffeur, Southern Pacific Co.; home,  1/4 mile south of city
    Fordyce, John D.: chiropractor, 10 E. Boston
    Freeman, Clarence (Jos A.): mechanic, W. H. Lang; home, 313 N. Colorado
    Friedberg, Joseph (Julia): clothes, 2 S. Arizona; resident of Plaza Hotel
    Full Gospel Mission, 98 N. Oregon
    Fuller, John S. (Lillian): teacher, Chandler High School; home, 159 N. Colorado
    Fuller, Newell K. (Sada): clerk, Safe-way Pay'n Takit Stores; home, 299 S. Oregon


    Gaylord, Beatrice: 112 S. Oregon
    Gaylord, Wiliam N. (Hattie): 112 S. Oregon
    George, Nina F.: stenographer, Chandler Improvement Co.: home, 288 N. Washington
    GERRARD, S.A. CO.: fruit packers, Nevada, corner of Chicago
    Gibson, Irving L. (Margaret) (White Cross Drug Co.): home, 157 N. Washington
    Gilbert, Kramer M. (Bessie): physician, 71 W. Boston; home, 114 N. Colorado
    Giles, M. Lee (Valeria): carpenter; home, 280 N. California
    Gipe, Howard C. (Ruth): assistant cashier, Chandler Improvement Co.; home, 1/2 mile west of city
    Goetz, William (Annie): manager, Heid Bros.; home, 91 N. Oregon
    Goff, Charles S. (Goff Motor Co.): Casa Grande resident
    Goff, Edward S. (Goff Motor Co.): home, 158 N. Washington
    GOFF MOTOR CO. (E. S. Goff and C. S. Goff): 111 S. Washington
    Gohn, John T. (Mollie F.): farmer; home, 154 S. California
    Golden, Susie Mrs.: 340 N. Dakota
    Goodman, Howard A. (Ella): gas station; home, 131 S. Arizona
    Goodykoontz, Olive: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Grasty, Emmett C. (Julia): ice manufacturer, Delaware corner of Chicago; home, 76 N. Arizona
    Grasty, Louise C. (widow of R. S.): home, 142 N. Washington
    Graves, Carl A. (Daisy M.): city clerk judge police court; home, 178 N. Dakota
    Griffith, Daniel D. (Myrtle): plumber, home, 102 S. Colorado
    Grosh, George V. (Mildred): chauffeur, S. O. Co.; home, 116 N. California
    Groshong, Louella M.: 261 N. Colorado


    Habeich, Joseph (Mary): dry goods 90 San Marcos Place; home, 5 miles south of city
    Hale, Howard M.: agent, Southern Pacific Co.; home on Delaware
    Hall, Charles E.: clerk, W. W. A. Curry; home, 200 S. Oregon
    Hall, Edward E. (Carrie): city marshall and superintendent of streets and water department; home, 169 N. California
    HALSTEAD, J. D. LUMBER CO.: J. M. Shearer, manager, 242 S. Washington
    Handley, Lily M. Mrs.: real estate, 67 W. Boston; lived with O. N. Handley
    Handley, Otho (Lily): cashier, Chandler Improvement Co.; lived one mile east of city
    Hansen, Ora: Chandler Grade School teacher
    Hardin, Warren (Viola): janitor; home, 222 S. Dakota
    Harer, John: meat cutter, Safe-Way Pay'N Takit Stores
    Harvey, Leila: Chandler High School teacher
    Hayes, Ethel (widow, D. A.): 212 N. California
    Hayes, Frank: 212 N. California
    Hayes, Jasper, L. (Idellar): clothes cleaner, 99 W. Boston ; home, 199b S. California
    Hayes, Lloyd: 212 N. California
    HEID BROS. INC., W. E. Goetz manager, feed, 5 south Arizona
    Hellez, L.G.: home on south Colorado
    Henry, George: barber, 84 San Marcos Place; residence, 3 miles northwest of city
    Herman, Fannie Mrs.: 300 N. California
    Hewitt, Ronald E. (Kath W.): rural carrier; home, 108 S. Dakota
    Hibbert, Lovell: bookkeeper, Alfalfa Milling Corp. Mesa
    Hiesser, Katie: clerk, L. P. Serrano & Bros; resident, 1/2 mile north of city
    Higgins, Lavon O.: 307 W. Boston
    Higgins, Lowry E.: miner, residence, 307 W. Boston
    Higgins, Ray P.: farmer; residence, 307 W. Boston
    Higgins, Sarah A. (widow, J.A.): home, 307 W. Boston
    Hill, Bert (Bernice): grocery, 99 N. Oregon
    Hinson, Julia: stenographer, Chandler Improvement Co.: residence, 187 W. Boston
    Hinson, William W. (Laura): shoe repairman; home, 187 W. Boston
    Hoggard, Arizona Mrs.;home 277 N. Dakota
    Hoggard, Hardy: residence, 277 N. Dakota
    Hoggard, J. Walker: residence, 277 N. Dakota
    Holiday, Lola: attendant, K. M. Gilbert; home, 335 N.California
    Hooper, Alex C. (Dorothy L.); irrigation engineer; home 108 N. Arizona
    Hooper, Vivian E.: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Howey, Frank V. (Emma P.): home, 307 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    Huffman, Crandall O. (Nelle): home, 200 N. Dakota
    Hull, Frank A.: chauffeur, Chandler Transfer & Storage Co.; residence, 1 mile south of city
    Hunsaker, Ann (widow, Gordon); home, 120 S. Colorado


    Ingle, A. L.: chauffeur, Chandler Bakery
    Inglish, Juanita: operator, Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co.; resided in Mesa


    Jacks, Jesse (Naomi): auto repair, 160 E. Boston; home, 169 S. Oregon
    Jackson, John: clerk, Charles Eckles
    Jackson, Roy: assistant principal, Junior High School
    Jahn, Edward: electrician, H. S. Kerby
    Jahn: Fred M. (Eleanor): linotype operator, Chandler Arizonan; home, 223 N. Dakota
    Jahn, Walter: clerki, William Juneman
    Jefferis, Angelina: teacher, Chandler Junior High School
    Jennings, Renz L. (Neola): dry goods, 62 San Marcos Place
    Jerram, Ellen: housekeeper, San Marcos Hotel
    Jett, Walter (Daisy): postmaster home, 196 N. Dakota
    Johnson, Clarice: clerk, post office, residence, 135 N. Dakota
    Johnson, Osborne G. (White Cross Drug Co.): manager, Chandler Ginning Co., residence, one mile east of city
    Johnson, Vernon R. (Nellie): chauffeur, Chandler Trans & Storage Co..: home, 306 N. California
    Johnston, Henry A.: telegraph operator, Southern Pacific Co.; residence, 554 S. California
    Juneman, William: clothes cleaner, 20 San Marcos Place; residence, 554 S. California
    Justice of the Peace: R. P. Sellers, 198 S. Arizona


    Kay, Bessie: waitress, San Marcos Hotel
    Keener, David A.: lawyer and city attorney, 45 W. Boston, Tel 36; residence, Plaza Hotel
    Kerby, Homer S. (Doris): auto repair, 99 S. Arizona; home, 136 N. California
    Kimbro, James M. (Nellie): home, 258 N. California
    Kinard, Miller M. (Mattie): rancher; home, 24 W. Boston
    Klink, W. R. (Ora): sales manager, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, half mile south of city
    Koch, Ernest J.: engineer, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, 233 N. Colorado
    Krebs, John W. (Ethel): blacksmith, 147 S. Washington; home, 124 Colorado
    Krepela, James V. (Josie): home, 159 S. Dakota

    Lafeber, William T. (Susie): restaurant, 77 W. Boston; home, 154 S. California
    Lang, Ralph R. (Ida): clerk, Arrow Pharmacy; home, 398 N. Dakota
    Lang, William H. (Emma): gas station, 11 E. Buffalo; home, 220 E. Cleveland
    Lankford, Beatrice: stenographer, D. A. Keener; residence, 217 W. Boston
    Lawshe, Joseph H. (Loubelle): restaurant, 6 S. Arizona; home, 221 S. California
    Lawshe, Joseph L.: residence, 221 S. California
    Lawshe, Thomas J.: clerk, J. H. Lawshe; residence, 221 S. California
    Leach, Ruth E.: stenographer, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, 75 W. Boston 
    LEMON BROS. (H. G. and R. G.): hardware, 10 S. Arizona
    Lemon, Hubert G. (Lemon Bros.): residence, south Chicago
    Lemon, Roy G. (Tillie) (Lemon Bros.); home, 196 S. Oregon
    Lewis, Joseph: clerk, S. D. Butterfield
    Lindley, Curtis M. (Mary): home, 218 S. Oregon
    London, Jennie L.: stenographer; residence, 157 N. Washington
    Loose, Charles: engineer, San Marcos Hotel
    Lopez, Ralph (Elinore): machinist, Chandler Machine Works; home, on south Chicago
    Lorenz, William P. (Mary): home, 301 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    Lostannado, Adolph: blacksmith, J. W. Krebs
    Love, Joseph W. (Maggie): chauffeur
    Lowen, M. (Elizabeth): baker, Chandler Bakery
    Lytle, Jesse  J. (Dorothy): blacksmith, William Lytle; home, 377 N. Dakota
    Lytle, William: blacksmith 57 E. Boston; residence, 377 N.Dakota


    McAdam, A. C.: home, 310 N. Dakota
    McCally, C. W.: trustee, Board of Education
    McCoy, Ada: teacher, Chandler Junior High School
    McCue, John A.: manager, Central Arizona Light & Power Co.; home, 158 S. Oregon
    McCutcheon, James R. (Sallie M.): clerk; home, 137 S. Dakota
    McGaughy, Otto M. (Fay): mechanic, S. D. Butterfield; home, 250 N. Colorado
    McPeters, Theo T. (Elizabeth): home, 217 S. California


    Madrigal, Michael (Amelia): laborer, home, 99 E. Boston
    Martinez, T. Claude: barber, 118 E. Boston
    Marva, Vance: teacher, Public School
    Mathews, Nellie Mrs.: operator, Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co.; residence, one mile south of city
    Matson, Richard V. (Elizabeth): teacher, Chandler High School
    Matthews, Mildred: bookkeeper, Central Arizona Light & Power Co.; residence, 1 1/2 miles southwest of city
    Mayer, Carl F. (Lora): clerk, O. S. Stapley Co.; home, 102 N. California
    Meason, Elizabeth: teacher, public school
    Meason, James M. (Anna): physician and city health officer, 131 W. Commonwealth; home, 229 N. Arizona
    Melton, Evan: clerk, White Cross Drug Co.; residence, Plaza Hotel
    Melton, Harley M. (Eva): clerk, Lee Melton; residence, north Dakota.
    Melton, Lee (Edna): auto repairman, 179 S. Washington
    MENHENNET THEATRE: Albert Straus, manager; motion pictures, 81 W. Boston
    Metcalf, Bert H. (Bessie): home, 226 N. California
    Methodist Episcopal Church: Rev. W. F. Butler, pastor; 245 W. Cleveland
    Miller, Charles W.: salesman, San Marcos Fairways and San Marcos in the Desert; residence, 121 N. Dakota
    Miller, Rufus W. (Bertha): home, 367 N. Colorado
    Mitchell, John D. (Josephine): telegraph operator; home, north Colorado
    Mitchell, Lillie Mrs.: manager, Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph; home, 132 N. Arizona
    Mitten, Charles A. (Florence): business manager, Chandler Arizonian; home, 102 N. Arizona
    Mitten, Park R. (Irma): editor, Chandler Arizonian; home, 140 E. Buffalo
    Molino, Conception Mrs.: restaurant, 102 E. Boston
    MONROE BUILDING, 6 San Marcos Place
    Mooner, M. R.: cook, San Marcos Hotel
    Moore, J. Lewis (Cornelia): home, 255 S. California
    Moore, Mary F. Mrs.: nurse, public school; residence, 209 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    Moore, William O. (Mary F.): carpenter; home, 209 W. Commonwealth Ave.
    Morgareidge, Clayton C. (Lola): clerk, Reliable Hardware Co.; s S. Dakota
    Morgareidge, Alva T. (Halcyone): Councilman and manager, Reliable Hardware Co.; home, 11 N. Oregon
    Morgareidge, Kenneth G.: residence, 11 N. Oregon
    Morris, Gladys: waitress, J. H. Lawshe
    Morris, Margaret: waitress, W. T. LaFeber; residence, 115 N. Delaware
    Morstad, Esther: phone operator, San Marcos Hotel
    Morstad, Olga: beauty operator, San Marcos Hotel
    Mortimer, Billie: waiter, George Contos
    MOUNTAIN STATES TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO.: Mrs. Lillie Mitchell, manager; 132 N. Arizona
    Murieta, Dolores Mrs.: restaurant, 140 E. Boston
    Murphree, A. P.: foreman, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, 3 miles east of city
    Murray, Joseph S. (Lillian): teacher, Chandler Grade School; home, north Dakota
    Muse, Rutherford C. (Leona): barber, 83 W. Boston; home, 201 N. Dakota
    Myers, Mahlon C. (Florence): barber, C. R. Beatty; home 313 N. Colorado


    Nelson, Edward G. (Myrtle): mechanic, 222 S. California
    Nichols, Elliot (Ann): home, 125 N. Washington
    Nier, Harry: engineer, San Marcos Hotel
    Noriega, Frank: pharmacy, Arrow Pharmacy; residence, south Arizona


    O'Malley, Edward: clerk, San Marcos Hotel
    Ortega, Richard: clerk, Mrs. Conception Molino; residence, 102 E. Boston
    Ortiz, Carmen: clerk, Alex Esber; residence one mile east of city
    Othon, Amelia: waitress, residence, 222 E. Boston
    Othon, Benita; residence, 222 E. Boston
    Othon, Josephine: residence, 222 E. Boston
    Othon, Manuel (Rose): restaurant; home, 222 E. Boston


    Pace, W. H.: superintendent, Alfalfa Milling Co.; residence, Mesa
    Parke, Agnes H.: teacher, Chandler High School; home, 114 N. Colorado
    Parrish, Donald: bicycle repair, 188 E. Boston; residence, 1 1/4 mile south of city
    Parrish, Earl P.: second-hand goods, 198 E. Boston; residence, 1 1/4 miles southeast of city
    Parrish, Earl P. Jr.: clerk, E. P. Parrish
    Pate, Jewel: clerk, J. M. Meason; residence, north Dakota
    Payne, Chester 288 N. Dakota (written as Chesterr)
    Payne, Harold: residence, 288 N. Dakota
    Payne, Mollie (widow, W.W.): home, 288 N. Dakota
    Peace, Willard: foreman, Vaughn Lumber Co.; residence, 115 S. Oregon
    PECOS MILLING CO.: 1/2 miles southeast of city
    Peeper, William (Amanda E.): home, 244 N. California
    Pendleton, Harry: mechanic, H. S. Kerby
    Pfendler, Fredk: stenographer, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, Plaza Hotel
    Phelps, Orson A. (Rebecca A.): home, 245 N. Dakota
    Phelps, Rebecca Mrs.: teacher, Chandler Grade School; residence, 245 N. Dakota
    Phelps, Winona: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Phillips, Ruth H. Mrs.: stenographer, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, 144 W. Boston
    Phyle, George (Alita): mechanic; home, 313 N. Colorado
    PLAZA HOTEL: Mrs. Martha Stow, manager, 2 W. Boston, corner of San Marcos Place, Tel 47
    PLAZA, THE: San Marcos Place, corner of Arizona Ave., Buffalo and Boston
    Pleasant: Frances: 373 N. Dakota (written Francesr)
    Pleasant, William P. (Ethel): carpenter, home, 373 N. Dakota
    Plumb, Theora: bookkeeper, Bank of Chandler; residence, 3 miles southeast of city
    Plumb , W. L.: foreman, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, 2 1/2 miles south of city
    Pollard, Lena M. Mrs.: teacher, Chandler High School
    Polley, Maude S.: teacher, Chandler Junior High School
    POPULAR STORE THE: L. P. Serrano & Bros Props, department store, 26 E. Boston; Tel 110; branches at Gilbert and Casa Grande
    Porter, J. S.: clerk, O. S. Stapley Co.
    Post Office: W. W. Jett, postmaster; 93 W. Boston
    Price, Arthur E. (Louise): lawyer, 6 San Marcos Place; home, 100 N. Washington
    Price, Fred: teller, Bank of Chandler; residence, Plaza Hotel
    Prideau, A. J.: baker, Chandler Bakery
    Pyle, G. W. Mrs.:  stenographer, Mrs. L. M. Handley; residence, north Colorado
    Pymes, Cubbie: clerk, post office; residence, Goodyear


    Rae, Emma: curios, San Marcos Hotel
    RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY INC.: W. S. Caudill, agent; 28 San Marcos Pl.
    Ransom, Robert: salesman, San Marcos Fairways and San Marcos in the Desert; residence, 1 3/4 miles southwest of city
    Ray, Nellie: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Reese, John T.: garage, 101 E. Commonwealth Ave.; residence, 250 N. Delaware
    RELIABLE HARDWARE CO.: Alva T. Morgareidge, manager; hardware, china ware, furniture, stoves, paints, linoleum; 17 W. Boston, Tel 11
    Roach, Helen M. Mrs.: teacher, public school
    Roberts, Louie W.: residence, 204 S. Oregon
    Roberts, Rose E. Mrs.: home, 204 S. Oregon
    Robertson, John T. (Mamie): golf professional, San Marcos Hotel; home, 68 N. Oregon
    Robinson, Grace P. Mrs.: restaurant manager, San Marcos Hotel
    Robinson, William H. (Grace P.): author; home, San Marcos Hotel
    Rodgers, Britton M. (Jolie): foreman, Chandler Ginning Co.; home, 301 N. Dakota
    Rodriguez, Angela; clerk, R. L. Jennings; residence, 101 E. Boston
    Rodriguez, Casimiro (Elinor): laborer; home, rear, 111bS. Washington
    Roundtree, Winfred: clerk, Safe-Way Pay'n Takit Stores; residence, 311 N. Dakota
    Rountree, Guy H. (Minnie): janitor; home, 320 N. Dakota
    Rowland, Creed; residence, 54 W. Boston
    Rowland, Jeanette C. Mrs.: home, 54 W. Boston
    Rucker, Robert (Hazel); home, 288 N. California


    SAFE-WAY PAY'N TAKIT STORES: Clarence Fisher manager; groceries, 10 San Marcos Place
    Salladay, James F. (Rose): rancher and mayor, Town of Chandler; home, 151 N. California
    Salsman, A. H.: cook, San Marcos Hotel
    Saltsman, Harry A.: telegraph operator, Southern Pacific Co.; home, 554 S. California
    Sandoval, Peter (Pomposa): billiards, 27 E. Boston
    SAN MARCOS FAIRWAYS: Chandler Improvement Co., developers; homesite estates, 2 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    SAN MARCOS FAIRWAYS GOLF CLUB, west of San Marcos Hotel, Tel 153
    SAN MARCOS HOTEL: Mrs. G. P. Robinson, manager; 25 San Marcos Place, Tel. 49
    SAN MARCOS HOTEL CO.: A. J. Chandler, president; J. E. DeSouza, secretary-treasurer; 2 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    SAN MARCOS IN THE DESERT, Chandler Improvement Co., developers, Desert Homes Estates, 2 San Marcos Place, Tel 16 or 25
    Saunders, J. Paul (Myrtle E.): home, 326 N. Dakota
    Sawyer, Lynn (Ethel): electrical engineer; home, north Washington
    Scallings, John D.: clothes presser, William Juneman; residence, west Boston
    Schildman, John A.: bookkeeper, San Marcos Hotel; residence, Phoenix
    Schnaiter, W. Fredk (Marie): serviceman, Central Arizona Light & Power Co.; home, 333 N. Colorado
    Seaver, Anna N. Mrs.: principal, Chandler Grammar School; residence, Plaza Hotel
    Sellers, Martha E. (widow S. S.): home, 200 S. California
    Sellers, Robert P.: justice of the peace; home, 107 N. California
    Sellers, Samuel: clerk, W. H. Lang
    Serrano, Albert P. (Dolores):  (L.P. Serrano & Bros.); residence, north California
    Serrano, Charles (L.P. Serrano & Bros.): residence, 217 W. Boston
    Serrano, George P. (Sarah); (L.P. Serrano & Bros.); home, 117 W. Boston
    SERRANO, L.P. & BROS (L.P. Serrano, A. P. Serrano, Charles Serrano, George P. Serrano); proprietors, The Popular Store, 26 E. Boston
    Serrano, Louis P. (Maria L.); (L.P. Serrano & Bros.); home, 102 W. Boston
    Shackelford, William: machinist, Chandler Machine Works; home, rear, 166 E. Boston
    Shearer, J. Marion (Myrtle): manager, J. D. Halstead Lumber Co.; home, 233 W. Washington
    Shee, Lee: groceries, 7 S. Arizona
    Shepherd, Robert L. (Mary): barber, C. R. Beatty; home, 120 W. Boston
    Shine, Edgar S.: pharmacy, White Cross Drug Co.
    Shrewsbury, J. Homer (Alice): (Arrow Pharmacy); home, 39 S. Washington
    Sierras, Francis; residence, south Colorado
    Sigman, James L. (Mabel): chauffeur; home, 300 S. Oregonb
    Sigmond, Isaac N. (Sallie): laborer; home, 258 N. Dakota
    Sing, Ju: groceries, south Colorado
    Sinks, James W. (Beatrice): billiards, 80 San Marcos Place; home, 200 W. Boston
    Skousen, J. Grant (Rhoda): salesman, Goff Motor Co.; home, south California
    Skousen, James G. (Mary): mechanic; home, 265 S. Dakota
    Slack, R. Earl (Nellie M.): salesman; home, 297 S. Dakota
    Smith, Joseph (Okla A.): home, 165 S. Dakota
    Smith, Joseph H. (Lucy): constable; home, 112 S. California
    Smith, Thomas (Pauline): auto mechanic; home, 135 N. California
    Snyder, Ralph A. (Blanche): telegraph operator; home, 343 N. California
    SOUTHERN PACIFIC CO.: H. M. Hale; agent; Delware, corner of Commonwealth Ave.
    Sparks, Joseph F. (Maude): meats, 36 San Marcos Place; home, 200 S.Dakota
    Sparks, Willa: stenographer, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, 200 S. Dakota
    Spilsbury, G. Chauncey: manager, Alfalfa Milling Co.; resident of Mesa
    Stamper, Clark: millman, J. D. Halstead Lumber Co.
    STANDARD OIL CO.: W. R. Wood, supply agent; east Boston, corner of Delaware
    STAPLEY, O.S. CO. INC.: Henry Egly, manager;  agricultural implements, 46 E. Boston
    Stevens, Alvin W. (Mollie): mechanic, Goff Motor Co.; home 283 S. California
    Stevens, Flora: residence, 295 S. Oregon
    Stevens, Samuel D. (Julia): groceries, 9 W. Boston; home, 295 S. Oregon
    Stevens, Willie (widow, Bert): home, 295 S. Oregon
    Stevenson, Shadrick E. Rev. (Maggie): pastor, First Baptist Church; home, 121 S. Dakota
    Stewart, Charles D. (Ceceiia R.): home, 121 N. Colorado
    Stewart, John V. (Ava): rancher; home, 238 N. California
    Stewart, Louis F. (Pearl): mechanic, S. D. Butterfield; home, north Dakota
    Stewart, Margaret K.: managing secretary, Chandler Chamber of Commerce; residence, 144 W. Boston
    Stewart, Virgil (Rosella): home, 108 S. California
    Stiles, Alice (widow, Philomon); home, north Colorado
    Stiles, George L.: sales manager, San Marcos Fairways and San Marcos in the Desert; residence,  1 3/4 mile southwest of city
    Stillwell Jacob A. (Alma): home, 247 N. Dakota
    Stow, Mark: painter; residence, Plaza Hotel
    Stow, Mary Mrs.: manager, Plaza Hotel; home, 2 W. Boston
    Straus, Albert P. (Thelma): manager, Menhennet Theatre; home, 128 N. Colorado
    Straus, Thelma: bookkeeper, Bank of Chandler; residence, 128 N. Colorado
    Streblow, A.: cook, San Marcos Hotel
    Sturgeon, E. A.: chauffeur, E. C. Grasty


    Tate, Charles F. (Lesbie A.): carrier, Post Office; home, 385 N. California
    Tate, Lucille: stenographer, Chandler Improvement Co.; residence, 385 N. California
    Taylor, William T. (Frances E.): rancher; home, 291 S. Oregon
    Terrill, Everett L.: barber, George Henry; residence, 1 3/4 miles northeast of city
    Thornton, Clayton (Edna): home, 271 N. Dakota
    Tierney, Ross: salesman, Central Arizona Light & Power Co.; residence, west Boston, corner of Dakota
    Tyler, Robert M. (Charlotte): home, 261 N. Washington


    Underhill, Amon (Vera): salesman; home, 87 N. Oregon


    Valdez, Jose (Lupe): home, south Colorado
    Valencia, Mary Mrs.: home, south Colorado
    Vance, Marva: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    VAUGHN LUMBER CO.: W. G. Vaughn, manager; 181 S. Washington
    Vaughn, W. Gentry (Gladys): councilman and manager of Vaughn Lumber Co.; home, 115 S. Oregon
    Veatch, Varley N. (Willie): clerk, O. S. Stapley Co.; home, 392 N. Dakota
    Vest, Bertha Mrs.: teacher, Chandler Junior High School, 351 N. California
    Vest, Robert H. (Bertha): bookkeeper; home, 351 N. California


    Waddle, Bessie L. (widow, J. A.): home, rear, 147 S. Oregon
    Waddle, Clifton (Eloise): chauffeur, Chandler Bakery; residence, A. J. Campbell
    Waddle, Robert: chauffeur, Chandler Bakery; residence, A. J. Campbell
    Wagner, Richard H. (Louise): home, 552 S. California
    Wah, George Y. (Wong S.): groceries, 13 E. Boston
    Walker, Bailey J. (Rachel): home, 201 S. California
    Walker, Bailey W. (Pennie): farmer,  home, 313 N. Colorado
    Walker, John H.: residence, 313 N. Colorado
    Walker, Mack C.: farmer, residence, 313 N. Colorado
    Walker, Mitchell: residence, 313 N. Colorado
    Walter, Jonas H.: watchmaker, 140a E. Boston
    Wann Erwin: bookkeeper; residence, 199 W. Boston
    Wann, Mildred: residence, 199 W. Boston
    Wann, Thomas G. (Hattie): home, 199 W. Boston
    Ward, Robert E. (Josephine): councilman; home, 201 S. Oregon
    West, James W. (Mary E.): home,  306 N. Dakota
    WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO.: H. M. Hale, manager; Delaware, corner of Commonwealth Ave.
    Whatley Irving A.: residence 291 S. Oregon
    WHITE CROSS DRUG CO. (O. G. Johnson, I. L. Gibson): 1 San Marcos Place
    Williams, Aleda: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Williams, Blanche: beauty shop, San Marcos Hotel
    Willis, Irene: teacher, public school
    Willis, Melvin: home, 23 N. Oregon
    Windes, Alice B.: teacher, Chandler Grade School
    Womack, Leland: clerk, Safe-Way Pay'n Takit Stores
    Wood, William R. (Lucille M.): supply agent, Standard Oil Co.; home 35 N. Oregon
    Worley, Arthur B. (Dora T.): carpenter; home, 297 S. Callifornia
    Worley, Leola: music teacher, 297 S. California
    Wright, R. L.: police


    Yontz, Audrey: residence, 399 N. California
    Yontz, Ralph E. (Nettie): watchmaker; home, 399 N. California
    Yontz, Ralph E. Jr.: chemist; residence, 399 N. California
    Yontz, Sydney: residence, 399 N. California


    Zahnder, John: laborer; residence, 120 S. Oregon




























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