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    Phoenix Mag cover.jpg Now a Look at Chandler cover.jpg San Marcos Resort cover.jpg America has discovered Chandler cover.jpg
    Phoenix Magazine March 1978 with interview with John Quarty Now a Look at Chandler brochure from Chandler Chamber of Commerce San Marcos Resort, Country Club & Estates America has Discovered Chandler

    postcard_0001.jpg postcard_0002.jpg postcard_0003.jpg postcard_0004.jpg
    Postcard, San Marcos Pool Postcard rear, "The San Marcos Resort Country Club and Colony, Chandler (near Phoenix), Arizona Swimming pool and patio John H. Quarty, Proprietor" Postcard, downtown Chandler with Tumbleweed Tree Postcard rear, "Chandler Christmas Tree: A tradition for over 20 years, this Christmas tree in downtown Chandler, Arizona, is made entirely of tumble weeds and decorated each Christmas season."


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