October 16, 2014

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    I.  Collected by Staff - 4H Stories From the Heart; 4H centennial t-shirt; 100th Anniversary Cooperative Extension banquet program; 100th Anniversary Cooperative Extension booklet with bios of honorees; 100th Anniversary edition of Cooperative Extension's Backyards & Beyond publication

    II.  Mike Woods - Booklet, 2003 Hamilton High baseball, State Champions - includes copies of newspaper clippings, box scores, stats and records; newspaper articles; copy of pitching chart for 2003 State Championship game

    III.  Chandler Unified School District - architectural plans for Chandler High 1921 expansion; Winn School; Ag Building at Chandler High; 1948 elementary school; Cleveland School 1948 expansion;  Walkie talkie used by principal Terry Williams

    IV.  Jody Crago - Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book (reproduction)

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