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    The Pardners of Tumbleweed Ranch and the Chandler Museum are excited to welcome your company as a sponsor of the 2015 Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-off on November 6-7, 2015. Follow link below to learn how you can be a sponsor!


    For more information, contact:

    Dave McDowell, Pardners of Tumbleweed Ranch, 480.313.3988
    Mary Ellen Crane, Pardners of Tumbleweed Ranch, 602.291.9233



    sponsor banner.JPG

    2015 Sponsors

    Trail Boss Sponsor

    SDB Contracting Services


    Cow Hand Sponsor

    Chandler Historical Society
    Fast Signs Chandler


    Wagon Sponsor

    Glass Financial Group
    First Credit Union
    Basin & Range Hydrogeologists
    Precious Sauces
    Evan and Diane Olson Family
    Wild West Mercantile
    The Combs Family
    Butcher Block Meats
    Schrader Hay Co.


    Chuck Box Sponsor

    Western State Bank
    Storage West
    Mark Lyons Family
    Arizona Beef Council
    Sportsman's Warehouse
    American Chuck Wagon Association
    Potjie Pots USA
    Arizona Milk Producers
    Shoppers Supply
    Can't Stop Smokin' BBQ 
    Reeds Blacksmith Shop

    Cookie Sponsor

    Higley Feed

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