05. Bank of Chandler Building

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    The building bordering Commonwealth is somewhat of a mystery.  On that lot, Dr. Chandler constructed the headquarters of the Chandler Improvement Company before the San Marcos and these other businesses were here. The building you see resembles photos of that original structure, but it is distinctly different today and is known to have undergone many renovations over the decades.  Whatever the case, this location has played a significant role in Chandler history.  Along with selling land parcels to Chandler pioneers here in the early days, Dr. Chandler also operated the Bank of Chandler here for many years.  In fact, this location has almost continuously been a bank since the founding of the Chandler Townsite.  Until recently, it was a Bank One branch, and before that it was a Valley National Bank for many years. Bank of Chandler Drawing.jpg
      Drawing of Bank of Chandler Building as it appeared in Chandler Arizonan on April 18, 1913.
      Original Bank Of Chandler Building.jpg
      Original Bank of Chandler Building, c. February 1913


    Bank of Chandler 10-31-1913.jpg
    Photo of Bank of Chandler in Chandler Arizonan on October 31, 1913.



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