10. Price Building

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    Next door is the Price Building, the red building, which is named for Arthur E. Price, who owned it at one time.  Price, Chandler’s first attorney, drafted Chandler’s incorporation charter in 1920.  He was also heavily invested in the downtown district businesses in the 1920s and 1930s.  The building was originally constructed by David A. Jacobson (a name you will hear several times today) and first housed Curry and Frye’s pool hall.  It was probably in this building that recently-incorporated Chandler saw its first arrest made under the new city ordinances.  In April of 1920, Town Marshall  C. L. Malone brought the perpetrator before a judge on charges of violating Title XII Section 9 of the municipal code: “Crimes Against Public Decency and Good Morals,” which prohibited minors from entering pools halls, among other places.  The culprit was Malone’s own 17-year old son, Elmer, who had to pay a $5.00 fine.  The longest lasting of the Price building’s tenants was the Chandler Pharmacy, which opened in 1937.


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