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    The Chandler Arizonan was to be a major factor in the advertising of Chandler to the world. Publisher J. V. Van Eaton explained the role of the newspaper in an editorial in June 16, 1912.

    Why the Arizonan Asks Support

    Primarily the paper was born to tell the world about the advantages of Chandler above those of any other spot in the United States for the home builder, to tell the farmers of the east who are tired of the cllimactic rigors of that section, and those of California who are seeking California climaticconditions but cheeper land, that Chandler is the choicest spot of the Salt River Valley.

    But the Arizonan's mission also includes the publication to the world of the truth of the entire Salt River Valley. Thousands of copies of  the paper are being mailed east weekly, also to California, and the states of the great northwest. Thousands for the first time are this week reading the Gospel of this favored spot of earth.

    Every intending settler interested by reading the Chandler Arizonan becomes an asset of every bussinessman in the Salt River Valley; of every property owner; of everyone now here who is working for the upbuilding of the garden valley of Arizona. The paper appeals for your support. If it is not doing your business any good, if you do not believe it is performing a valuable mission in hurrying the settlement of the valley, then ignore this little article and leave the Arizonan to work out its own salvation without your assistance. But it is aiding you, because it is preaching the doctrine you wish the people to hear, the doctrine of the climate, soil, water, and wonderful productiveness of the Salt river Valley. It is reaching every home within a seven mile radius of Chandler, it is going to nearly five hundred public libraries in every state of the union, where every copy is read by many; it is going to hotels in populous centers throughout the country, to clubs and thousands of private homes where it is believed the Gospel will find furtile soiland produce an abundant harvest.

    Push the good work along by sending in your subscription and your advertisements. Every little bit helps. Make the Chandler Arizonan your paper.

    1Chandler Arizonan, June 14, 1912, p. 2.

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