03. Land Sale Day: May 16, 1912

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    The Chandler Arizonan described land sales day as follows:  “Without any flourish of trumpets, with an utter absence of anything bordering on the cheap methods used by hawkers of boomsites, Chandler, destined to be the Pasadena of the Salt River Valley, a city of a thousand beautiful homes, of palatial hotels, the finest pleasure resorts in the southwest, the cleanest home life, a city of churches and of the finest schools in Arizona, had its initial sale of lots on May 16th.”  Dr. Chandler,  provided buyers with a delicious lunch of sandwiches, eggs, fresh fruit, coffee and lemonade.  According to the newspaper, Dr. Chandler and his associates made no direct effort to sell land, letting the appeal of the land speak for itself.  At the end of the day, over $50,000 worth of lots were sold.


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