Timmer, Scott

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    Scott Timmer started his education career for Valley Christian High School in 1997 as a Vice-Principal.[1] He worked to build credible sports and physical education programs at Valley Christian as his primary focus. He quickly joined the coaching staff for the girls' basketball team, where he led his girls to numerous championship titles over the years. After his final championship as coach in 2017, Scott Timmer resigned from the coaching position, and is now the Assistant Athletics Director for Valley Christian, as well as the Physical Education coach.[2]  Scott Timmer's dedication to his teams and the sport earned himself three state championships in six appearances over 20 years.
    Girls BasketballValley Christian High School
    1997-2017-Won more than 500 games
    -2003 Arizona 2A State Runners-up (1)
    -2010 Arizona 2A State Champions (1)
    -2011 Arizona 2A State Champions (2)
    -2014 Arizona Div III State Runners Up (2)
    -2016 Arizona Div III State Runners Up (3)
    -2017 Arizona Div III State Champions (3)
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