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    A basketball champion, and track and field speedster, Ashton Wolf attended Valley Christian High as a member of the graduating class of 2011. Ashton wolf participted in swimming, cross country, basketball, softball, and track & field, earning awards, titles, and respect everywhere that she plaed. In track & field, Wolf's speed and versatlity put her in multiple state champonsip races, including the 200m, 400m, 800m, and 4X400m relay, where she placed in the top 5 of every event (and 1st in the 800m and 4X400m relay). Ashton's natural talent and sportsmanship helped her to lead her teammates to back to back State Championship victories (2010 and 2011), the first women's basketball championsip win in the school's histoy.
    Ashton continued her education and sports career at West Point Military Academy, where she played on the Women's Handball team, as well as a Pinch Runner for the Softball team her Freshman year. The competitve Wolf gained the attention of the Team USA National Women's Handball team, and was placed on the team roster to play when her military requirements have been served. Wolf graduated from West Point in 2015 and was selected as a military intelligence officer.
    Ashton Wolf never forgot her roots at Valley Christian High School, and credits much of the woman she has become to the experiences she lived out in VCHS. Ashton Wolf's limitless athleticism, unwavering dedication, and humble sportsmanship earned her a well-deserved place in the 2019 Chandler Sports Hall of Fame.
    Basketball Valley Christian High School
    Freshman (2008) - All-Conference Honorable Mention
    Freshman (2008) - VCHS Hustle Award
    Sophomore (2009) - All-Conference
    Sophomore (2009) - VCHS Hustle Award
    Junior (2010) - Arizona State Champion
    Junior (2010) - All-State
    Junior (2010) - All-Conference
    Junior (2010) - VCHS Hustle Award
    Senior (2011) - Arizona State Champion
    Senior (2011) - 2A Player of the Year
    Senior (2011) - All-State
    Senior (2011) - All-Conference
    Senior (2011) - Conference Player of the Year
    Senior (2011) - VCHS Hustle Award
    Senior (2011) - VCHS MVP
    Career Stats:
    GP: 126     PPG: 11.8     APG: 3.9     RPG: 5.0     SPG: 4.0
    Swim & Dive Valley Christian High School
    2007-2011 Freshman (2008) - VCHS Hustle Award
    Freshman (2008) - Competed at State Championships
    Freshman (2008) - 4th Place Arizona Championships (Medley Relay)
    Freshman (2008) - 8th Place Arizona Championships (200M Free)
    Freshman (2008) - 10th Place Arizona Championships (500M Free)
    Track & Field Valley Christian High School
    Freshman (2008) - Arizona State Champions
    Freshman (2008) - All-State
    Freshman (2008) - Individual State Champion 4x400
    Freshman (2008) - Individual State Champion 4x800
    Sophomore (2009) - Arizona State Champions
    Sophomore (2009) - All-State
    Sophomore (2009) - Individual State Champion 4x400
    Sophomore (2009) - Individual State Champion 4x800
    Sophomore (2009) - Individual State Champion 400M
    Senior (2011) - All-State
    Senior (2011) - Individual State Champion 4x400
    Senior (2011) - Individual State Champion 800M
    Softball Valley Christian High School
    Junior (2010) - All-Conference Honorable Mention
    Cross Country Valley Christian High School
    Freshman (2007) - VCHS MVP
    Freshman (2007) - All-State
    Freshman (2007) - 8th Place State Championships
    Junior (2009) - VCHS MVP
    Junior (2009) - All-State
    Junior (2009) - Regional Conference Individual Champion
    Junior (2009) - 12th Place State Championships
    Senior (2010) - All-Conference
    Softball West Point
    Freshman (2012) - Pinch Runner
    29 Games Played      8 Runs
    Handball West Point
    2011-2015 2012 College Nationals Champion
    2013 College Nationals Champion
    2014 College Nationals Champion
    2014 College Nationals MVP
    2015 College Nationals Champion
    2015 College Nationals MVP
    2015 College Nationals Top Scorer (28 goals in 5 games)
    2015 College Nationals All-Tournament Team
    Handball USA Team Handball Has been in the player pool for Team USA, but duties with the US Army keep her from competing for the national team
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