1989 Chandler High School Wrestling Team

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    The 1989 Chandler High School wrestling team won the 1989 state championship.  Coached by local legend and Chandler Sports Hall of Famer John Carlson (class of 2009), with assistance from Dennis Gurecki and Sisto Rosales (Chandler Sports Hall of Fame class of 2005) the wrestlers defined the word team.  There was not a single individual state champion on the team, but they had seven wrestlers place at the state tournament, giving the team the championship.  The members of the team were: Adam Chacon, Freddie Davalos, Mike Felker, Brady Black, Shad Martin, Jason Pace, William Burton, Tim Gressley, Ron Barnwell, Jack Ancone, Danny Garcia, Gabe Gonzalez, and Travis Sprinkle.

    The state placers, their weight class, and place at the state tournament are listed below

    Wrestler Weight Place
    Danny Garcia 112 lbs 3rd
    Ron Barnwell 119 lbs 4th
    Freddie Davalos 130 lbs 4th
    Mike Felker 140 lbs 2nd
    Tim Gressley 145 lbs 3rd
    Brady Black 152 lbs 2nd
    Jason Pace 171 lbs 2nd

    The team was inducted into the Chandler Sports Hall of Fame on February 9, 2013.

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