06. Tempe Crosscut Canal and Southside Power and Light Company

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    This power house was constructed by the Consolidated Canal Company on the Tempe Crosscut Canal.  Located at a point where a waterfall was created by the canal flowing over the mesa into the Tempe Canal, the power house generated hydroelectric power.  The electricity was then sold to customers in Mesa, Tempe, and later the town of Chandler.  The Mesa Canal Company felt that Chandler was unfairly profiting from their water, and the two sides went to court to argue their cases.  Ultimately, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Chandler.

    In 1891, Harry L. Chandler joined his brother, Dr. Chandler, in business.  After a number of different business ventures, Harry managed the hydroelectric power plant for the Consolidated Canal Company.  Ultimately, Harry incorporated the Southside Power and Light Company as a separate company.  Harry and his wife, Bertha, had two children, Louise and Marian.  Because Dr. Chandler had no descendants, Harry’s family carried on the family legacy in the Salt River Valley.


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