Hightown--Pueblo Alto

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    Hightown/Pueblo Alto

    A Unique Chandler Neighborhood

    When you think about your neighborhood, you might equate it with the idea of “home.” It’s the place you live, and sometimes also includes a school, a park, or a corner store. Whether created by a subdivision developer or a product of an ethnic-based settlement, each neighborhood has its own story.

    This exhibit tells the story of one Chandler neighborhood, located near the southeast corner of McClintock Road and Chandler Boulevard, which has maintained a unique identity. Generations of the same Mexican American and Yaqui Indian families have lived here since the 1920s. A majority of the residents living here share a common history, and can trace their roots back several generations to the neighborhood’s original families. Espo’s Restaurant has been a cornerstone of the neighborhood for over 40 years. In spite of urban development on all sides, the neighborhood has retained its cultural identity and aspects of its rural roots.  


                                                                                                   From Desert to Farmland ►

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