1904: Ladies Contemporary Club, Redlands, CA

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    1904 Ladies Contemporary Club Redlands CA.jpg

    The Contemporary Club of Redlands hired Benton in 1904 to design a new clubhouse for the prominent ladies organization. The two-story building was a unique combination of Mission Revival style and Tudor style architecture.

    The view above is a postcard view circa 1910 of the Ladies Contemporary Club, Redlands Ca. The building was designed by architect Arthur B. Benton and built on the southeast corner of Vine and Fourth Streets, in 1904. The clubhouse was acquired by the Presbyterian Church, and demolished in 1971.

    Photo Source:  "Good architecture was their MISSION" by Mark Landis, Correspondent, Press-Telegram, Long Beach, CA, accessed August 31, 2013, http://www.presstelegram.com/ci_20300866/good-architecture-was-their-mission

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