San Diego Mission

    Arthur Benton was directly involved with the restoration of the Sad Diego Mission

    This article appeared in the Los Angeles Herald on March 31, 1899:


    San Diegans Will Assist the Landmarks Club

    President Charles F. Lummis and S. P. Hunt and Arthur Benton, architects of the Landmarks club, returned Wednesday evening from an inspection of the San Diego mission and interview with San Diego people. Concerning the restoration of the mission, they report that it is in a better state of preservation than they had supposed. The main facade and the side wall are standing and can be preserved for another century. The adobe rubbish will be cleared away and the originat ground plan outlined to show its' proportions. The visitors were given a cordial welcome by the San Diegans and assurances were given of generous assistance in the project. President Marston of the chamber of commerce, Messrs. King, Pauly, Barrow and Father Ubach were appointed a committee to raise subscriptions and superintend the work. W. S. Hebbard will be the supervising architect. As an evidence of good faith, the Landmarks club will advance the first money to begin the work. Saturday, April 8th, is the date fixed for the excursion to San Fernando to inspect the work done out there by the Landmarks club. A special train will probably be run out in the afternoon and return in the evening before dinner, which will obviate the necessity of carrying lunch baskets. As the distance is short, fhis will give ample time to inspect the venerable building at San Fernando and get home in good season.

    Source: March 31, 1899, Los Angeles Herald

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