04. The Construction Workers

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    Superintendent W.R. Hoag of the San Marcos Hotel has given out notice that preference in work will always be given to residents, or proposed residents of Chandler district so far as the new hotel is concerned. A number of men have written to various friends in Chandler, saying they would like to become land purchasers near the town if work is to be had this winter in connection therewith. Thus for all have been answered favorably if fitted for the work.1

    One hundred to one hundred fifty men were employed in constructing the hotel.  W. R. Hoag was the superintendent of construction, but resigned in October, 1912, and was replaced by Harry S. Jennings.  Frank Newman was the head of the plumbing crew; J. M. Stein was machinist and engineer; S. S. Bradley was electrician; and Joe Cashman was the general manager.  Some of the workers came from California: however Hoag expressed a preference for hiring local men to work for him.


    1913-01-17 H S Jennings.jpg
    Harry S. Jennings is pictured as he inspects the work on the second floor of the hotel.











    Other workers included: J. Trunnel, O. Neygren, A. Crowder, F.L. Stoval, J. Ellis, J. ???, M.W. King, R.L. Piecte, Jno. Reese, P. Brownley, A. Dorman, A. Nixon, F. C. Mc Donough, and E. Larmour, chief carpenter.

    1Chandler Arizonan, Sept. 6, 1912, p. 1


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