06. The Robinsons: Manager and Author

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    Grace Robinson (left) with her daughter Dorothy Robinson (right)

    Grace Robinson was hired as the first general manager of the San Marcos Hotel.  She had previously worked at the Ingleside Inn, the Salt River Valley’s first resort, and received training in hotel management at the Mission Inn in Riverside, California.  The Mission Inn was another of architect Benton’s projects.  While at the Mission Inn, Robinson observed Korean immigrants working at the hotel.  Consequently, she hired many Korean workers at the San Marcos.

    Will Robinson



    Will Robinson, Grace’s husband, assisted Grace in managing the San Marcos.  He also built the less expensive Suhwaro Hotel across the street from the San Marcos.  Will Robinson was a prolific Arizona author, writing several books and essays. Will Robinson, in partnership with Harry Collis, designed the first San Marcos Golf Course;  the first


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