San Marcos Hotel: Windows into the Past

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    The "San Marcos Hotel: Windows into the Past" is an exhibit located at the San Marcos Hotel that offers a brief glimpse at the 100 year history of the San Marcos Hotel. Click the link under each window to enjoy a brief slide show about the various areas of the hotel's past.

    San-Marcos-Window-1-Buildin.jpg San-Marcos-Window-2-Resort-.jpg San-Marcos-Window-3-Golf-Nu.jpg San-Marcos-Window-4-Fun-Num.jpg
    1: Building An Oasis in the Desert 2: Arizona'a First Resort Hotel 3: Arizona's First Grass Golf Course 4: Fun in the Sun at the Hotel
    San-Marcos-Window-5-FLW-Num.jpg San-Marcos-Window-6-Food-Nu.jpg San-Marcos-Window-7-Owners-.jpg
    5: Frank Lloyd Wright and the San Marcos Hotel 6: Food and Fun at the San Marcos Hotel 7: Owners of the San Marcos Hotel


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