03: Dr. A. J. Chandler at the Hotel Construction Site

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    Dr. Chandler on Landsales Day, May 17, 1912.jpgDr. Chandler greeted potential investors with a picnic and tour of the Chandler Townsite. Known for having a sweet tooth, Dr. Chandler tempted land buyers with the rarely available ice cream cone in the desert and cool refreshing lemonade. You can see the piles of dirt on the Hotel San Marcos construction site behind Dr. Chandler, and the Sears and Galbreath Co. sign is located on  the left side of the photograph.






    Description: Doctor Chandler enjoys an ice cream cone on land sale day at the future site of the San Marcos Hotel while watching the work. Piles of dirt from the excavation of the San Marcos Hotel are visible behind him.

    Accession #: 87-8-19

    Gift of: City of Chandler


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