Creating a Community

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    Communities are more than just buildings and structures.  Communities include leaders who set examples for us.  They are constructed by people working together, and they shape our understanding of the world.

     “We were a very poor family. My mother and father had a lot of children. They used to have farm land all around and they used to have lettuce and cantaloupes, watermelons, so a lot of people in our neighborhood used to work in the farm fields like that. They used to bring home a little lettuce, a little bit of onions, they used to pass it around the neighborhood and share.”-Susan Rosales


    “[Growing up in Chandler’s Southside neighborhood I thought] Chandler was mostly started by the Spanish people.  It was a Mexican town.  It wasn’t a color, white, or whatever, it was a Mexican town.”
    -Modesta Aguilar Munoz


    2006-65-3.jpg“(Raul Navarrete) was a role model not just for the youth, but for adults.  And not just for Hispanic youths, but I think for a lot of people who knew him because he was very positive and he really made you believe you could make a difference.  And take pride in who you are and what you are and…move forward.” -Marci Navarrete Ritmanic

    How did the neighborhood you grew up in shape your understanding of the world?





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