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    To view the personal profiles, click on the link of each veteran's name. All interviews on this site are copyrighted to the Chandler Museum. 

    Name Branch Theater of Operations
    Addy, Noel Army Air Corps Europe
    Ayala, Feliciano Army Infantry Pacific
    Baker, John Army Air Corps Europe
    Basha, A.N. "Ike" Army United States/South America
    Careaga Brothers Army and Navy Europe, Pacific, U.S.
    Cluff, Ivan Army Infantry Europe
    Cluff, Willam Harold Army Europe
    Cross, Joe Navy Pacific
    Haggarton, Corley Navy Pacific
    Haire, Levi Ray Army Air Corps United States
    Karkula, Ernie Marines Pacific
    LaPaglia, Carlo Navy Pacific
    Lewis, Milton Army U.S.
    McEntire, Edgar Army Pacific
    Navarette, Raul Navy Pacific
    Nickell, Billy Army Air Corps South America
    Norton, Virgina Lee Gleason     Marine Corps Women's Reserve United States
    Rosales, Gilbert Army Infantry Pacific
    Soto, Eulogio "Lefty" Army Infantry Pacific
    Tate, Forrest Gayle Army Air Corps United States
    Turner, John Army Infantry Europe
    von Pohle, Carlos Army Pacific
    Williams, George Navy Pacific
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